An original creation of MonsterVerse that can fly, spray its poison through its talons, and rip through metal, the venomous Warbat serpent is perhaps the most unique Titan Legendary Pictures and their teams of creature designers brought to life on-screen across the shared film universe’s current four entries.

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary Pictures

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As it is, the monster could be a formidable threat to mankind if it ever surfaced from The Hollow Earth, but it may surprise you to learn the Titan classified Titannus Nozuki was almost far more fearsome and grotesque than the two seen in Godzilla vs. Kong.

We learn this from digital designs produced during different stages of the creature’s development recently shared across social media by one of the film’s concept artists, Matt Millard.

In one sample, which you can see below, Millard’s artwork shows that the slithery beast almost had an additional offensive attack in the form of an electrified tail

Source: Matt Millard Twitter, Aaron Sims Creative

This shocking weapon woul d come in handy against Kong or Godzilla if a Nozuki is ever grounded and, as you’ll see in the next image, that’s another idea Millard had.


Source: Matt Millard Twitter, Aaron Sims Creative

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In a tweet, he explained that the monster was supposed to be able to slither, fly, and stand on its talons as its signature intimidation display.

Millard added that he was really fond of this idea and noted that he did several pose studies of what the Nozuki would look like standing or walking.

Below is one of his alternate poses for further reference.

Source: Matt Millard Twitter, Aaron Sims Creative

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Millard also indicated there was originally going to be only one Warbat, but some of the renderings convinced the filmmakers to create a male and a female.

Head studies were then done, which Millard showed off down below, though he didn’t specify which render belonged to which gender.

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When it was still known only as Nozuki, the Warbat – a name probably dreamed up either by Playmates or someone with the toys in mind – looked more like a king cobra, as Millard further showed his followers.

He wrote, however, that the intent was always for the slithery, adaptable Titan to take flight, a design choice which in turn led to a rigorous process of deciding on wing shapes and conducting motion studies.

Eventually, fly the Warbat did, although not very far after it encountered Kong and the HEAV’S. Hopefully, we will see the species again – and see one last in battle a little longer – if the MonsterVerse continues with more exploration of the Hollow Earth.

How do these Warbat designs from pre-production on Godzilla vs. Kong strike you? Tell us your reaction on social media or in the comments down below!

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