Hawkman Squares Off Against Shazam As Actors Aldis Hodge And Zachary Levi Take To The Golf Green

Source: Superman Batman Vol. 1 #4 "The World's Finest, Part 4 of 6: Battle On" (2004), DC Comics. Art by Ed McGuinness.

In a way, Shazam has already gone up against Hawkamn in live action – just not in the DCEU.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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On June 12th, Black Adam actor Aldis Hodge, who is set to play Hawkman in the upcoming film, let everyone know on Instagram that he had met up with Shazam! star Zachary Levi at sports bar-cum-golf party venue Topgolf for some friendly competition.

“(Read this in movie announcer voice),” Hodge posted, “In a world where two superheroes collide at Topgolf, an epic battle is on the horizon.”

He continued by posing several pressing questions that are surely on fans’ minds: “Who will conquer? Who will meet defeat? Who will throw their back out trying to swing a golf club way too damn hard???”

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Hodge then joked of a humorous DCEU crossover, writing,  “Coming to the big screen next summer, #Shazam VS. #Hawkman in ‘Golf Is Life, Fa Real Tho.’”

Dwayne Johnson, who is set to play the title character of Black Adam and presumably lay the smackdown on Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, took notice of the friendly golf game and jokingly warned, “I don’t care if it’s golf, cooking or haiku poetry – if you don’t beat Shazam’s ass – you’re never flying the Hawk Cruiser again!!”

Of course, Black Adam wouldn’t have the keys or codes to the Hawk Cruiser unless Hawkman allowed it, so Johnson is talking big with no potential follow-through – but ultimately, it’s a small handicap.

Source: The Invisible Man (2020), Universal Pictures

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Levi shared the same photo of him and Hodge to his own Instagram, saying “Hawkman and Shazam walk into a bar…that also happens to be a dope ass driving range that makes golf like bowling and I’m LIVING FOR IT!!!”

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While neither actor indicated who won, it appears that Levi may have been the loser in their friendly competition, as indicated by Hodge who replied to the actor’s Instagram post, “But who won though??? Tell the truth.”

Truth be told, the exchanges above are all being made in good fun, yet they tease an interesting proposition. Will Hawkman meet Shazam in a DC film one day? And if they do, will they trade blows?

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

As if it wasn’t enough that many are currently wondering when they’ll get to see Black Adam go toe-to-toe with Superman, the aforementioned social media posts have led many fans to add a potential throw down between a resurrected Thanagarian and a teenager chosen by a wizard to be his champion to their list of silver screen dream matches.

Granted, there’s a good chance such a confrontation would be anti-climatic, as the two heroes would more than likely put differences aside to fight Black Adam or some bigger threat, a la Godzilla vs. Kong, but it won’t be the first time Hawkman needs help.

Source: Shazam! (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, if such a fight came to pass, it wouldn’t be the only time Hawkman needed help in the DCEU.

In the upcoming Black Adam movie, currently filming for a July 29, 2022, release, the winged warrior will enlist all the help he can get from the JSA to stand against the anti-hero – though it might take more than one battle to take him down.

Black Adam

Source: Black Adam: The Dark Age Vol 1 #1 “The Dark Age” (2007), DC Comics. Variant cover art by Alex Ross.

Shazam also has his hands full too with three twisted sisters in Fury of the Gods, headed for a June 2023 release. Let’s pray he works out the kinks in his short game in time.

What do you make of Hawkman vs Shazam on the green? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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