Godzilla vs. Kong Writer Max Borenstein Provides Hopeful Update For The Future Of The MonsterVerse

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary Pictures

Godzilla vs. Kong broke the cycle of pandemic timidity that killed blockbusters for a while with a $465.8 million haul so naturally, the MonsterVerse has a chance of continuing, which kaiju fans are campaigning for on social media.

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary Pictures

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Dovetailing and bolstering this hope, GVK co-writer Max Borenstein is now saying something is in the works behind the scenes though he’s not giving up the specifics and didn’t say whether or not Son of Kong is really happening.

“I’ve heard some exciting things that are happening that I can’t divulge. They have a great handle on things there and I certainly have thoughts and am always excited when I get involved in them,” he said to Screen Rant.

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary Pictures

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Borenstein would then add, ”I think it’s in good hands and with the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, there will be some new, interesting installments coming. Without being able to say any of that officially, you can look at the fact that that film performed and people really responded to it.”

He continued, “I think it was really wonderful timing for people to have that towards the end of that surge in the pandemic, people really felt eager to see something that was fun and joyful in the cinema and it was really exciting to have our movie be that movie.”

However, the future Borenstein foresees might not include the human characters audiences normally get acquainted with as he has an idea that focuses solely on the monsters.

Source: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993), Toho Co. Ltd.

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“I do think it could be done,” he told Slashfilm. “I was thinking about the same thing. I think it would be amazing, actually.”

Borenstein added GVK’s success might pique the interest of Legendary to throw money at something ambitious. “Given the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, I’m kind of hoping in whatever the next phase Legendary decides to do that we would see that. I think it’d be pretty cool,” he said.

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary Pictures

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Borenstein illustrated his point by comparing his pitch to the action-packed and subtler moments in Mad Max: Fury Road. “It would be very ambitious. I think ambitious in that Mad Max: Fury Road way,” he said. “I think it’s totally possible to do that with the absolute minimum amount of human characters and really characterize the creatures.”

That might be doable with star attractions Kong and Godzilla considering how they’ve emoted in the past. Let’s not forget Kong can speak sign language now too.

Source: Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019), Legendary Pictures

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But it might be harder where other kaiju are concerned and the people interacting with the monsters and their threat always anchor the story for regular moviegoers. It’s the diehard Godzilla fans that want to see little more than the Titans destroying cities and fighting.

Their passion and word-of-mouth are arguably what breathed Godzilla vs. Kong and the entire MonsterVerse into existence and onto its global success. Yet we have to be realistic; without the average person looking for a few hours of escapism driving ticket sales, they would not be selling.

Source: Son of Godzilla (1967), Toho Co. Ltd.

What do you think? Disagree? Let us know if you want a MonsterVerse free of humans down below.

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