Rumor: DC and Warner Bros. Developing Live-Action Harley Quinn Show

Source: Suicide Squad (2016), Warner Bros.

According to a new rumor.Warner Bros. isn’t finished with the idea of a live-action Harley Quinn just yet.

Source: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020), Warner Bros. Pictures

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In a new exclusive, Giant Freakin Robot claims that they’ve learned, through their inside sources, that a live-action TV series is in the works for Joker’s now-emancipated female sidekick.

The outlet can’t say for sure if Margot Robbie will be involved, but it has been noted before that the Aussie runs the risk of being recast, despite having said that she is game for more outings as the would-be antiheroine.

Source: Harley Quinn, HBO Max

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In a recent edition of Beyond The Trailer, tipster Grace Randolph reported that Robbie’s future hinged on the performance of The Suicide Squad, which didn’t end up doing as well as the studio hoped.

“As for Harley Quinn, we already knew that Warner Bros. and Margot Robbie were planning to take a break with the character,” Randolph said in her recent scoop.

“I told you I heard because they wanted to see how she was received here, and well now they are starting to see,” she continued. “If she comes back, I do think there will be changes to how she interprets the character”.

GFR also doesn’t know if the series would spin-off from The Suicide squad or, like the Peacemaker show, involve James Gunn – though the director has said that Harley is a fun character for him to write.

Source: The Suicide Squad (2021), Warner Bros.

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It’s possible Harley could show up in Peacemaker as well. As far as anyone knows, the John Cena HBO Max vehicle is very much a solo flight in its first season, though leaked images indicate it is full of Easter eggs.

Given that, GFR seems to bet on Harley guest-starring, as they note that audiences “won’t be surprised if the story becomes more of an ensemble experience by the end.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube

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The exclusive adds that Robbie is interested in bringing more of DC’s fierce females, which could be a lure to making a Harley series. Warner shares that mindset, but they want to use the flopped Birds of Prey property as a jumping-off point.

Not only has Jurnee Smollett’s return to the role of Black Canary been confirmed by new reports, but GFR additionally claims to have received a tip that a Huntress series in the works.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube

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GFR believes Harley is “well-loved” and that more of her is a good thing. Warner may agree, but they are going about this all wrong if they think they can salvage or redeem BOP – there’s just no demand for more of those characters outside of Harley, who one could argue is too much of a supporting character to carry more movies on her own.

That deduction is hard to argue against when she did her best numbers in the botched ensemble that was 2016’s Suicide Squad.

Source: The Suicide Squad (2021), Warner Bros.

Is more Harley the cure for what ails the DCEU? Would you watch anything new revolving around her or starring Margot Robbie? Sound off below.

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