2018’s Aquaman was pretty lighthearted compared to the Snyderverse films that introduced us to the DCEU’s resident King of Atlantis, but its more jovial tone might have been nothing compared to what the sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has in store.

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The film’s star, Jason Momoa, spoke to the sequel’s tone during a recent sit down with Fandango, wherein he took the time to discuss both how much the film’s cast and crew learned from their first voyage and how the stakes in The Lost Kingdom’s plot were higher compared to its predecessor.

“We all learned something on the first one. It’s exciting because I haven’t made too many sequels,” the actor said. “I just know that it’s, even on the page, it’s absolutely wonderful. There is so much going on. I think the stakes are a lot higher.”

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Momoa then teased that the follow-up has “a lot of comedy” and noted that he even giggled while reading the script.

“There’s a lot of comedy,” he continued. “So, I mean, I giggled reading it. There’s a lot of fun, and definitely the action’s [bigger].”

It’s encouraging that the film could be real fun, even despite the presence of Amber Heard, whose continuing role as Mera continues to baffle and enrage a number of fans.

Yet, while such a remark raises expectations, it also makes me wonder how off-the-wall proceedings might get.

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The title alone evokes imagery of sword-and-sandal LARPing, so some medieval-esque shenanigans are a given. However, James Wan is known for leavening his cinematic tone over time, as drastically seen in his latest effort, the throwback slasher film Malignant.

It’s great if you’re a real horror fan, but mass reception towards the wacky adventure that leaves HBO Max next month is mixed to lukewarm at best. Ultimately, Malignant just didn’t translate well for average audiences.

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Wan might turn up the silliness in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to a level that reflects the tone of the current DCEU, while Momoa – who has creative input – is a bit of a jokester himself who’s not afraid to make light of his station as the fish-talking hero.

In fact, recently, the actor facetiously suggested that he should direct the next Justice League movie. 

Stuff like that is simple kidding around, but collaboration between Wan and Momoa regarding Aquaman’s sequel risks could throw off the tonal balance they struck in the 2018 film and cause the film to go off the rails the same way Wonder Woman 1984 did.

Source: Aquaman (2018), Warner Bros.

We’ll see what Arthur’s future holds when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom swim ashore into cinemas in December 2022.

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