A new rumor claims to reveal some details about Sauron’s role in Amazon’s upcoming The Lord of the Ring series.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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It was previously that Sauron would be appearing in Amazon’s The Lord of the Ring series. TheOneRing.net reported back in July 2020, “Lord of the Rings SDCC update: JA Bayona is CURRENTLY filming in New Zealand, the biggest production in the world to resume filming post-COVID.”

They added, “New NZ cast added. More NZ crew than any production ever. Galadriel, Elrond & Sauron confirmed. Cast has a tighter bond than ever.”

Source: TheOneRing.net Twitter

However, just a year later, the website’s Cliff Broadway would claim that Sauron would not actually show up in the show’s first season.

He claimed, “Sauron/Annatar will not be revealed in Season One [going with the oldest axiom of show business ‘Always leave them wanting more.’]”

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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A new rumor appears to refute that claim as scoopers Fellowship of Fans claim that Sauron does indeed show up in the first season of the show.

They tweeted, “EXCLUSIVE: Sauron is in Season 1 of LOTRonPrime and is a credited character for the first season of #LOTRonPrime.”

They further added, “He is said to be on the ‘human Village’ sets which are apparently based in Middle Earth. His actor was on these sets for many months.”

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

Fellowship of Fans went on to provide some more details sharing a number of images purported to show the human village, where an actor playing Sauron is said to have been for a number of months.

They tweeted, “EXCLUSIVE Birdseye view shots of the “human village set” which the reported “Sauron” character and actor will be at and has been on for many months.”

“This is the set at the end of construction with most buildings there already built- 80% complete,” they added.

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

Fellowship of Fans then detailed that Sauron is shown as a “mysterious, hooded, robed yet menacing figure.” They also note that he’s “very intimidating.”

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, Sauron is a lieutenant of Melkor and commands the stronghold of Angband. At one point Melkor even puts Sauron in command of the War when Men awoke in Hildórien.

At some point Sauron is not just Melkor’s top lieutenant he also became a “sorcerer of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves; his dominion was torment.”

Source: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

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As the show is expected to take place during the Second Age, it’s quite likely it will showcase Sauron’s involvement in the downfall of Númenor. Appendix B of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King details that Sauron began to stir again in Middle-earth at the year 500. 

By the year 1000, Tolkien writes, “Sauron, alarmed by the growing power of the Númenoreans, chooses Mordor as a land to make into a stronghold. He begins the building of Barad-dûr.”

He eventually seduces the Eldar smiths of Eregion to treat with him. He eventually instructs them in the crafting of the Rings of Power. However, unbeknownst to them, Sauron forges the One Ring in Orodruin.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition

The Eldar Celebrimbor eventually perceives Sauron’s designs and the War of the Elves and Sauron begins in 1693. With the aid of the Númenoreans, Sauron is defeated at Lindon in 1700.

However, Sauron would play a deceptive game. He would swear fealty to Ar-Pharazôn, the king of Númenor, and eventually be taken hostage to the capital of Armenelos.

While a hostage at Armenelos, Sauron would lie and convince Ar-Pharazôn that the Valar were actually his enemies and that Melkor was the “Lord of All, Giver of Freedom.”

Eventually Ar-Pharazôn would take up worship of Melkor and the kingdom’s worldly possessions and wealth massively increased. But it came at the cost of human sacrifice as Sauron would be brought me to be burned in his temple.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition

Ar-Pharazôn’s worship of Melkor would eventually lead him to sail to Aman, the Blessed Realm, and the coasts of Valinor. His army would eventually surround Túna. Seeing this Ilúvatar reshaped the world and drew the Númenorean ships into an abyss, drowned by the sea. Ar-Pharazôn and his troops would be “buried under falling hills.” This took place in 3319.

However, a number of Númenoreans led by Elendil and his sons would survive as they did not join Ar-Pharazôn in his attempt to conquer Valinor. They would form their own kingdoms in middle-Earth namely Gondor and Arnor.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition

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Sauron would eventually return to Mordor in 3320 and attack the kingdom of Gondor in 3429. Isildur, the son Elendil,T would survive and flee to his father in the North.

The Last Alliance of Elves and Men would be formed in 3430 and eventually culminated in a siege of Mordor that lasted seven years. Eventually Sauron would enter the battlefield and he would slay Gil-galad and Elendil. Isildur would eventually chop off Sauron’s Ruling Ring from his hand and take it for his own. Sauron would be vanquished for a time.

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition

On top of this rumor concerning Sauron, Fellowship of Fans also detailed that Joseph Mawle would play an original character created by Amazon for the show named Adar. They describe his character as “an elf but ‘corrupted’ and tortured.'”

His character also filmed scenes in this human village set.

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

They added, “Adar (joseph Mawle) is apparently in charge of the orcs in this village and the orcs see him as a ‘father figure’ BUT Adar is not an orc, he is an Elf.”

“Coincidentally, ‘Adar’ in Sindarin translates to ‘father,'” they tweeted.

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

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In another tweet they stated, “This ‘Hooded and robed’ figure leaded a group of men somewhere and they all celebrate the character in a chant’. But the ‘hooded figure’ and Mawle’s character ‘Adar’ also face off against each other.”

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

Finally, they concluded, “As reported in previous episodes and leaks, this village is the same village that had been attacked by orcs until the village leader had to surrender.”

Source: FansFellowship Twitter

What do you make of this latest rumor concerning Sauron in Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings TV series?

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