Despite how most such attempts to emulate Marvel’s cultural and financial success have burned and failed – some quite miserably – Hasbro and Netflix have announced that they have partnered to try their luck at producing a Power Rangers cinematic universe.

Source: Power Rangers Super Mega Force Season 2 Episode 20 “Legendary Battle”, Saban Brands

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Netflix’s plans were revealed by Entertainment One President of Global Television Michael Lombardo, whose employer was recently appointed to head Hasbro’s global management, during an interview with Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva published on November 22nd.

Asked by Andreeva for a “status update” on Power Rangers, Lombardo replied, “Since we set up Power Rangers with [Netflix’s Power Rangers Head Jonathan Entwistle], we pitched really a whole-world approach.”

“It’s not just one show, it is shows followed by films, some kids’ programming,” he explained. “We have found a great writing partner for him, they are off. Knock on wood, Netflix is excited, we’re excited, we hope to have some news soon.”

Source: Power Rangers: Dino Fury Season 1 Episode 4 “New Recruits” (2021), Hasbro

Shortly after Deadline published their interview, Entwistle took to his personal Twitter to confirm, “I guess the cat’s out of the bag! The new Power Rangers universe is coming to Netflix!”

Archive Link Source: Jonathan Entwistle Twitter

This soft announcement of Netflix’s Power Rangers universe comes just a few weeks after the streaming giant secured the exclusive streaming rights for the upcoming second – and twenty-ninth overall – season of Power Rangers Dino Fury, which is set to premiere in Spring 2022.

Source: Power Rangers: Dino Fury Season 1 Episode 14 “Old Foes” (2021), Hasbro

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The idea of an interconnected universe of transforming heroes is far from unheard of, as both Power Rangers and its Japanese source material Super Sentai have enjoyed – to some extent – shared universes across all of the respective television and film appearances of each franchise (with the latter even sharing theirs with Kamen Rider).

However, this was, and continues to be, accomplished through the telling of loosely connected, individual stories which happened to take place in similar universe(s), in stark contrast to Netflix’s aim of producing each respective entry in the series exclusively in service of a unified conclusion.

Source: Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen (2012), Toei Co. Ltd.

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