Bring It On Series Turns Horrifying In Slasher Film “Cheer Or Die” That Is Coming To SYFY

Source: Bring It On (2000), Beacon Pictures

SYFY channel thinks there is life left – to slay, quite literally – in the Bring It On film series about cheerleaders in fierce competition.

Source: Bring It On (2000), Beacon Pictures

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The network is behind a new sequel, Bring It On: Cheer Or Die, to get the jump on the 2022 Halloween season that’s roughly 300 days from now. Dread Central reports Cheer Or Die will be a slasher movie that turns this somewhat noteworthy 2000s film into a slasher movie about a cheer squad practicing at night in an abandoned school over the weekend of Halloween.

The usual “deranged assailant” – who might be your typical escaped mental patient – preys on the cheerleaders one by one until, in all probability, one is left standing to settle the score.

Source: Bring It On (2000), Beacon Pictures

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Cheer Or Die sounds like a case of an unrelated production getting slapped with a new title to tie it inorganically to a random IP. Producers and financiers do this to market a picture more easily. However, there’s always been room in the horror genre for dark tongue-in-cheek humor, so there isn’t really a clash of styles between Bring It On’s slapstick and a slasher movie.

Moreover, veterans of the Bring It On franchise are involved. Choreographer Tony Gonzalez returns to choreograph the cheers and stunts as well as co-produce while the story for Cheer Or Die comes from Alyson Fouse, writer of the last four Bring It On movies.

Source: Bring It On (2000), Beacon Pictures

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It’s directed by Karen Lam, a filmmaker whose biggest claim to fame is story editing for the SYFY TV series Ghost Wars and Van Helsing, and co-written by She-Hulk writer Dana Schwartz and horror director Rebekah McKendry.

Glenn Ross, executive vice president of the production company for this slasher, Universal 1440 Entertainment, issued a statement to Dread Central, saying, “We are excited to team up with SYFY to continue this ever-popular franchise with an all-new installment from renowned filmmaker Karen Lam, the very first female director of the movie series.”

Ross continued, “Featuring a fresh take on the franchise’s historically comedic films, this next chapter showcases a multi-talented diverse cast and will entertain long-time Bring It On movie fans as well as open the doors to the legion of fans who enjoy thrillers.”

Source: Bring It On (2000), Beacon Pictures

Bring It On: Cheer Or Die stars Missi Pyle (Y: The Last Man), Kerri Medders (SEAL Team), and Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale). It debuts on SYFY in the coming fall of 2022.

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