The Legion of Superheroes is coming to HBO Max albeit in a way we weren’t quite expecting, recalling a previous rumor.

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Instead of a sprawling live-action series with epic space and time travel – a la what Green Lantern could look like – the streaming outlet is developing an adult-themed cartoon headed up by Brian Michael Bendis, writer of the upcoming Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes comic book series.

Bendis made an announcement about the project on his website, revealing it has been in the works for a while now and HBO approached him about the idea of making a DC show.

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“HBO Max has put me to work on a LEGION OF SUPERHEROES TV SHOW,” he posted, adding, “At the moment it is being developed as an adult animated show. Can you tell I am jumping up and down about this? I’ve been working on it for a while and last week I was sent to the next phase.”

Bendis then addressed the Legion faithful and divulged his animated series will be based on the series he and Ryan Sook worked on.

“So many diehard Legion fans follow me so I asked special permission to update all of you on this project in development,” he wrote. “Facts: [it’s] very early goings but I can tell you This will be an adaptation of the Legion of superheroes that Ryan Sook and I have been working on the last few years.”

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He continued, “And just like that series, on sale now, it will harken back to so many classics while at the same time doing what Legion does: pushing all the ideas of superheroes forward in every direction.”

Bendis would then add, “I think Legion of Superheroes is among the greatest franchises in the history of comics and I’m as honored to be curating them as I was Spider-man.”

Toward the end of his post, he wrapped things up by reminding everyone they won’t hear too many additional updates about the HBO Max series while they’re in the thick of the process.

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“So for those who don’t know, animation takes a loooong time so you may not hear anything about this for a while as I’m just getting to work on it over the break,” he said.

There’s no telling yet but based on the fact HBO Max is the venue and the levity in Bendis’s newsletter, it seems as if the Legion of Superheroes series has the potential, or risk, of matching Harley Quinn tonally.

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But that’s just one prediction. Whatever yours is, leave it in the comments.

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