Leslie Grace Reveals First Look At Her Batgirl Costume For The Upcoming HBO Max Film

Source: Batman (1966-69), Greenway Productions

The first image of singer/actress Leslie Grace in costume as Batgirl for the HBO Max solo film – that is the debut of Barbara Gordon, and her dual identity, in the DCEU was shared to social media by the actress.

Source: Batman (1967), Greenway Productions

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This image, showing Grace in the full leather suit and cowl on a rooftop that looks like your standard gothic Gotham, was shared by the In The Heights star on Instagram accompanied by a sizzling quote from Batgirl: Year One by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty.

“I use their expectations against them. That will be their weakness. Not mine. Let them all underestimate me…” Grace wrote. “And when their guard is down, and their pride is rising, let me kick their butts.”

Source: Batgirl Year One Deluxe Edition by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty, DC Comics

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The costume’s purple and yellow color scheme has been the norm for decades and is very similar to Yvonne Craig’s look in the 1966 Batman TV series that served as the inspiration for a number of Batgirl outfits.

Source: Leslie Grace Instagram

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Grace also has that biker chic look in the photo associated with Jason Todd’s Red Hood get-up in comics and HBO Max’s Titans – as well as Fox’s X-Men suits from 2000-2014. It’s also reminiscent of Batgirl’s New 52 outfit. This leaves the impression the wardrobe department is going for something real-world and practical in the vein of The Batman’s marching orders.

Batgirl’s style choices here are going to draw critics just as the movie is. Many are already unhappy about the rumor that it is being treated like Batman Beyond where Bruce Wayne – in this case, Michael Keaton – is passing along his mantle to Barbara.

Source: Batgirl Vol. 3: Mindfields

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She’s not established in the DCEU so this move runs the risk of not feeling earned and a plurality of the fan base would rather have a straight-up live-action Batman Beyond instead of what we’re getting from DC Films under Walter Hamada.

Other recent leaks show Batgirl will have background references to Black Canary and the Dynamic Duo that indicate Tim Burton’s Dark Knight found a Robin and this film’s place in the same continuity as Birds of Prey.

Source: Batman (1967), Greenway Productions

Directed by the Bad Boys for Life duo of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Batgirl should be on HBO Max by Christmas.

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