In another piece of evidence that Star Wars has lost its soul and is just a cash grab for Disney, the company revealed their new Galactic Starcruiser ride is the location of Han Solo and Leia Organa’s honeymoon.

Source: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

This detail was revealed in a blog post on the official Star Wars website where they promoted a new novel, Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel, written by Beth Revis that focuses on Han Solo and Leia Organa’s wedding and honeymoon.

Associate Editor Kristin Baver detailed, “Set just after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the story begins on the forest moon of Endor, where Han proposes in the elation of the rebel victory against the Empire. After a ceremony at the site of the victory celebration at the end of the film, the newlyweds depart for a honeymoon aboard the Halcyon starcruiser, the luxury vessel at the heart of the new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience at Disney World Resort.”

“In their most desperate hour, with the war still raging but the Empire nearing its last gasp, the couple must outwit the Imperial remnants clinging to power,” Baver added.

Source: The Empire Strikes Back

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If you are unfamiliar with Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, Disney describes it as a “revolutionary new 2-night experience where you are the hero. You and your group will embark on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars adventure that’s your own. It’s the most immersive Star Wars story ever created—one where you live a bespoke experience and journey further into a Star Wars adventure than you ever dreamed possible.”

“Arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort terminal, board a launch pod and rendezvous with the magnificent Halcyon starcruiser. Stay in a cabin or suite with an exquisite view of space. Throughout the ship, you’ll interact with an eclectic collection of characters, sit down to exotic galactic cuisine and perhaps even plot a secret mission together,” their description continues.

It concludes, “As the itinerary continues, you’ll take the story further and deeper. Choose your path. Seek out the inner workings of the legendary starship, learn the traditional art of wielding a lightsaber and even jump on a transport to the planet Batuu—where your mission continues at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!”

In a video promoting the lightsaber training, you swing your sword at a light that flashes around the room. They basically turn you into a cat with Disney using the laser pointer.

The website details that prices begin at $4,809 for two guests. Other options increase to just shy of $6,000 with three adults and one child.

Source: Disney World Website

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Not only is this new novel a soulless cash grab to try and promote Galactic Starcruiser, but author Beth Revis doesn’t appear to know what she’s actually talking about while discussing the book.

When asked by Baver how she approached the story, Revis answered, “My initial instinct was to focus on Return of the Jedi since this book picks up right after it, but as I dug into the story, I found myself watching The Empire Strikes Back on repeat. The emotional beats of Han and Leia’s relationship start to spin out in Empire — it’s not just the famous “I know,” line, but it’s the way Leia relates how she doesn’t trust Lando and Han responds with seriousness, the way their trust builds, all the moments that lead up to their confession of love.”

“By the time Return of the Jedi picks up the story, Leia’s been left with that confession long enough to get comfortable with the idea of it. It’s one reason why the relationship between the two works — Leia was always going to be someone who had to think about something like love, and Han was always going to be someone who just followed his gut,” she added.

That all makes sense, but here’s the kicker, “The time lapse between those two movies helped them both evolve so that they’re on the same page by the time Han is unfrozen.”

Source: The Empire Strikes Back

That’s right Han being frozen in carbonite allowed him to evolve and be on the same page with Leia. What in the world are you even saying?

He’s frozen in carbonite and hanging in Jabba’s palace. He isn’t doing any evolving.

Source: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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In another moment of what in the world are you thinking, Revis discusses how hard Han and Leia work to stay in love.

She says, “One thing that I love about the new movies is that Leia and Han don’t actually end up in the idyllic perfect family life that we like to think of as a ‘happily ever after.’ Instead, they have to work — for decades — to remain in love, and they consistently choose to make that happen.”

They are literally separated from each other and have stopped working on their marriage completely. Leia even tells Han that when she sent Ben Solo to go and train with Luke she lost both Ben and Han.

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Revis attempts to justify this stating, “Even if they’re apart, they’re still in love, not because of fate, but because they choose to be. And that’s stunning. That was what I wanted to show about them as a couple — that they had a choice to make, and they chose each other.”

She goes on to state, “It’s a variation of hope, in a way, which is the founding principle of all things Star Wars. The idea that every day, we have a choice. And we just have to continue to choose love and hope. At any point, we can walk away when things get hard. But choosing not to — that’s what real love is about.”

Han literally left Leia and Leia left Han as they both clearly state in The Force Awakens they went back to what was familiar to them after Ben Solo fell to the Dark Side.

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So not only does the announcement of this novel reveal its a soulless cash grab meant to promote the Galactic Starcruiser ride, but the author literally doesn’t even understand basic plot points in Star Wars despite claiming to have watched the films.

Again, how can Han evolve when he’s frozen in carbonite and how did Han and Leia choose to stay together when The Force Awakens makes it abundantly clear they chose to leave each other.

On top of this, who wants to read a novel about Han and Leia’s wedding and romance when you know they turn into terrible parents, leave each other, and Han ends up getting killed by his own son. That’s just the story I would want to read about.

Source: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

What do you make of this new novel and its tie-in with the Galactic Starcruiser hotel and experience?

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