Toho Co. has largely hit pause on homemade live-action Godzilla movies since Shin Godzilla in 2016 although they were generous since that time with animated content between the Netflix anime trilogy and Singular Point.

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But the restful period may be over as a new kaiju film from the storied Japanese studio is entering production and it’s believed to be a Godzilla movie.

Twitter’s Kaiju News Outlet reports that Toho is seeking extras for this new project – filming next month under the direction of Lupin III: The First filmmaker Takashi Yamazaki – which takes place in the 1940s.

Source: Kaiju News Outlet

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As KNO notes, the casting call went out over Toho’s Godzilla+ app – a prime indication that this quickly developing movie involves the Big G in some way.

It’s also being reported the untitled film is shooting under the working title “The Great War of Archimedes.” If accurate, this is an obvious misdirection since Archimedes is a maritime historical adventure/drama Yamazaki made in 2019.

Source: GMANofMysteroid Twitter

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What may actually be the case, according to Japan’s branch of The Huffington Post, Yamazaki is trying to create a “masterpiece monster movie” that could be a remake of the original Gojira.

Having put a Godzilla scene in his award-winning 2006 picture Always: Sunset on Third Street, Yamazaki said, “Godzilla can only be released in the Showa Era.”

Source: Dangerville Twitter

Anyone who’s seen one or all of the seminal Godzilla movies released between 1984 and now would disagree, but that’s our biggest hint Yamazaki, who is a huge Goji fan, is making a Godzilla movie that he is endeavoring to line up with the spirit of the series.

On the flip side, we can’t fully confirm Yamazaki and Toho are working on a Godzilla movie despite the above being said. Whatever the project really is, production will wend all the way to June so it is a kaiju-level undertaking.

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