Disney heiress Abigail Disney, the great niece of Walt Disney, recently exposed her ignorance about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill as well as The Walt Disney Company’s admitted grooming practices and indoctrination campaigns through their programming targeted at children.

120613-N-LE393-021 NEWPORT, R.I. (June 13, 2012) Abigail Disney, executive producer of the documentary film series “Women, War and Peace,” gives a keynote address during the 2012 Current Strategy Forum at the U.S. Naval War College. This year’s forum explores global trends and the implications they have on national policy and maritime forces. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eric Dietrich/Released)

Abigail Disney appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter, where he asked her about her recent op-ed in The Washington Post.

Specifically Stelter asked, “What is The Walt Disney Company actually? And how do you feel when you see it portrayed as this child abuse, indoctrination cult?”

She answered, “Well, what I’m seeing happen is a pretty coordinated, strategic plan unfolding. And Disney seems like the biggest target because it is so woven into families.”

“And so if you can create this idea that somebody is in there trying to indoctrinate your child, my goodness, the paranoid imagination can run circles with that,” she added.

Source: Amanpour and Company YouTube

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The heiress continued, “And so I understand why it’s been selected in whatever strategic meeting they had for what they would turn to next. But this is absurd. The thing that Disney stands for more than anything in every film and especially in the animation, whether there is a gay character or not, is love and acceptance and family and joy.”

“So they are trying to inject something into what Disney does that has nothing to do with what Disney does whether or not there are gay characters,” she claimed.

Keynote presentation by Abigail Disney, Filmmaker & President and CEO, Fork Films Photo Credit: U.S. Institute of Peace, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Disney continued, “And I keep wondering what is their theory of change exactly? Because if you were to erase every reference to gayness and gay people from the planet, which is sort of what the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill feels like. Will children not become gay? Do they need to be recruited and groomed or are people just gay?”

“And I think that’s a hard question they need to ask themselves because if you go back through history there’s been gay people whether or not the word was ever spoken,” she stated. “So this is an ineffective way of going about what they want. It’s an attempt to push history backwards.”

“It denies the fact that everyone conservative or not that has a gay friend or a transgender family member. We are all in it together, now. And I think it is all of our fight,” she concluded.

Source: Disney Parks YouTube

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Abigail Disney’s comments prove she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about and in fact is projecting on her perceived opponents what the actual Walt Disney Company and its employees have admitted they are doing.

In leaked video footage of a recent Reimagine Tomorrow video conference call an unnamed Disney employee reveals the company is actually paying to mutilate children through “gender affirmation procedures.”

Leon International Hot Air Balloon Festival, 2012 edition. Photo Credit: Tomascastelazo, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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The video shared to Twitter by journalist Christopher F. Rufo sees the employee say, “The other big area is gender identity and expression. So doing all of this work to ensure that our employees and cast can express their gender here authentically and proudly at the Company.”

“So coming up with guides on how to change your photo, information about pronouns, working with our benefits team to give information about gender affirmation procedures both for our employees who are transitioning and trans, but also our employees who have kids who are transitioning.”

On top of Disney providing services to have their employees mutilate themselves and their children in the name of this radical gender ideology, Executive Producer for Disney Television Animation Latoya Raveneau admitted the company fully supports her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

In another video shared to Twitter by Rufo, Raveneau states, “In my little pocket of Proud Family Disney TVA, the showrunners were super welcoming. Meredith Roberts and our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

Raveneau added, “Maybe it was that way in the past, but I guess something must have happened in the last, they are turning it around, they’re going hard, and then like all that momentum that I felt, that sense of ‘I don’t have to be afraid to have these two characters kiss in the background.’ I was just, wherever I could, just basically adding queerness. If you see anything queer in the show — no one would stop me, and no one was trying to stop me.”

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Another video of Raveneau also shows her saying, “I’m thinking or I’m still thinking I want to use my content to go deeper – talk about how non-monolithic the LGBTQ+ community as an asexual. As an asexual – I feel like a lot of people don’t what that is. I have to have a dissertation ready at any given time.”

“I want to add the pockets of the LGBTQ community that you don’t see. I want to get gay advanced. And then I realized, ‘Oh s***, we need to go back to Gay 101,” she adds.

Disney production coordinator Allen March who has been working on the upcoming Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series made it abundantly clear that he and his team want to use the power of the media to indoctrinate children into disordered lifestyles.

He said during the video call, “I’ve had the privilege of working with the Moon Girl team for the last two years. They’ve been really open to exploring queer stories. I’m on the production side, part of the work that I feel like I can put in is making sure that — we take place in modern-day New York so making sure that that’s an accurate reflection of New York.”

“So I put together a tracker of our background characters to make sure that we have the full breadth of expression. We got into a very similar conversation, Karey, of like, ‘Oh. All our gender nonconforming characters are in the background.’”

Source: Disney Parks YouTube

“So it’s not just a numbers game of how many LGBTQ+ characters you have,” he stated. “The more centered a story is on a character the more nuanced you get to get into their story.”

“Especially with trans characters, you can’t see if someone is trans. There’s not one way to look trans. So kind of the only way to have these canonical trans characters, canonical asexual characters, canonical bisexual characters is to give them stories where they can be their whole selves,” March concludes.

In another clip, March says, “All this content is going to kids, who don’t know any of this. Even if they are in a household like Heath that has supportive parents, they’re still getting all of this information from media of what is normal. There’s a lot of power to that and it just needs to be acknowledged.”

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Clearly, The Walt Disney Company is attempting to groom and indoctrinate children into disordered lifestyles and even more insidious than that they are paying to have their employees mutilate themselves and their children.

As for Abigail Disney’s comments on the Parental Rights in Education bill and that it is somehow trying to erase gay people from existence, it’s an absolutely absurd statement and proves she’s either a mark for the LGBTQ+ lobby’s propaganda line, she didn’t actually read the bill, or she’s an actual mouthpiece for the propaganda and is lying about it on purpose to convince others.

Source: WPTV News – FL Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast YouTube

The bill makes it very clear what it does. The bill reads in part, “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

It also requires school districts to “notify parents of each healthcare service offered at their student’s school and the option to withhold consent or decline any specific service. Parental consent to a health care service does not waive the parent’s right to access his or her student’s educational or health record or to be notified about a change in his or her student’s services or monitoring.”

Finally, the bill requires that school districts provide parents of students in kindergarten through third grade with well-being questionnaires or health screenings and obtain their permission before administering them to students.

Source: WPTV News – FL Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast YouTube

Nowhere does it say anything about erasing gayness or gay people. Instead as the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, “Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.”

What do you make of Abigail Disney exposing her ignorance regarding The Walt Disney’s grooming practices and Florida’s anti-grooming bill?

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