A little over a month after being delayed due to the recent hack of Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero has officially received a new release date.

Source: Dragon Ball Official Japanese Website

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Written by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and featuring direction from Tetsuro Kodama and animation from Chikashi Kubota, – both of whom previously worked as the CGI sequence and animation director, respectively, on Dragon Ball Super: Broly – alongside music by Naoki Sat (Eureka 7) , Dragon Ball Super Super Hero was originally scheduled to be released in Japanese theaters on April 22nd with a North American premiere later this summer

Source: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022), Toei Animation

However, the film was delayed by Toei on March 18th, with the company citing “unauthorized access to the network by a third party at the production company Toei Animation” as the reason for the delay.

“Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have no choice but to postpone the release,” they continued. “We are very sorry to everyone who is looking forward to the release. We will announce the new release date in the near future, so please wait for a while. Thank you for your understanding. Please keep the advance tickets you have already purchased as they will be available after the new release date.”

Source: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022), Toei Animation

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Thankfully, a little short of a month after the delay was first announced, Toei has officially given the next film in the Dragon Ball franchise a new release date.

According to a tweet from the franchise’s official Twitter account, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero will arrive in Japanese theaters on June 11, 2022.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting,” wrote Toei (via Google Tranlsate). “The new release date of this work, which has been postponed, has been decided! Saturday, June 11, 2022  We are working hard on the new release date, so I hope you can wait a little longer”.

A proper North American release date still has yet to be announced.

Source: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022), Toei Animation

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The plot of the all-CGI Dragon Ball Super Super Hero will revolve around the return of the decimated Red Ribbon Army, who rise from the ashes with two new androids under their wing: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

“In the past, Goku destroyed the evil ‘Red Ribbon Army’ organization. But their will lived on!!” reads an official synopsis provided by Toei. “Now that they’ve revived, the RR create the new androids ‘Gamma 1’ and ‘Gamma 2’ and begin their revenge,”

Source: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022), Toei Animation

“Piccolo soon notices this disturbing activity, and sneaks into the Red Ribbon base, but there he discovers an unimaginable ‘ultimate evil weapon’…!!” it continues. “Pan is kidnapped in order to lure Gohan to the base,” the summary adds. “There he joins the fight, and an unprecedented super battle begins!!!!”

Not only will Gohan have a large role to play, as confirmed by both the above synopsis and the film’s production team, but Goten and Trunks will officially appear properly ‘aged up’ for the first time in the series’ canon.

Source: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022), Toei Animation

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