Star Trek: Strange New Worlds actress Celia R. Gooding, who plays Nyota Uhura, recently reacted to a leaked majority ruling from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that overturns Roe v. Wade.

Source: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

According to the opinion leaked by Politico, Alito wrote, “We do not pretend to know how our political system or society will respond to today’s decision overruling Roe and Casey. And even if we could foresee what will happen, we would have no authority to let that knowledge influence our decision. We can only do our job, which is to interpret the law, apply longstanding principles of stare decisis, and decide this case accordingly.”

He added, “We therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey must be overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.”

Source: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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Gooding reacted to this news and the leaked opinion writing on Twitter, “overturning Roe v. Wade is a death sentence for actual, living people all over the country.”

She added, “grouping any of this systemic violence under the guise of ‘pro-life’ is hauntingly ironic.”

Source: Celia Gooding Twitter

In a subsequent tweet she shared the Politico article writing, “nothing is final yet, but here we are.”

Source: Celia Gooding Twitter

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Gooding was not the only Star Trek actor to react to the news, George Takei wrote on Twitter, “Those motherf*****s really did it. First they came for Black voters, then they targeted LGBTQ+ families. Now, women of America, they’re overruling Roe v. Wade.”

He added, “We have to unite and strike back. Take to the streets. Overwhelm them at the ballot box. They have gone too damn far.”

Source: George Takei Twitter

Takei would continue to tweet writing, “Those justices lied in their confirmation hearings about Roe being settled law. That is grounds to impeach them, or at least to expand the court to counter the effect of their blatant and intentional deception.”

Source: George Takei Twitter

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Takei would later tweet, “With the news of the draft SCOTUS ruling leaked, it is more important than ever that we mobilize to protect the right to an abortion.”

He continued, “I’m joining Amnesty International USA in this fight. The stakes have never been higher. Will you join us?”

Takei continued to tweet, next writing, “Let’s be clear: the Republican Party wants the government to force you to give birth.”

“I’m old enough to remember when they used to want smaller government. Now, they want the government to dictate when you have a child. This is what ‘conservatism’ has become,” he stated.

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Next, Takei tweeted, “Listen up, friends. I’ve lived a long time in this country. I’ve experienced a lot. And I know, and have a deep sense, when things are beginning to spiral.”

“We are at that point. We’ve been approaching it for some time, but the warning signs were in smaller, discrete pieces,” he wrote.

Source: George Takei Twitter

Takei went on to claim that Supreme Court seats have been stolen. “The problems are systemic: Gerrymandered maps keep extremists in statehouses and Congress. A rigged Senate with an archaic filibuster rule blocks needed reform,” he tweeted.

“Seats on the Supreme Court are stolen through cynical ploys. Money pours in to those who enable the corruption,” he added.

Source: George Takei Twitter

Takei continued the thread, “Then the attacks begin. Voting rights are denied to minorities in red states in the name of ‘election security,’ with the Big Lie powering the bills.”

“LGBTQ+ kids and families are targeted as scapegoats. And now even a woman’s right to choose is on the chopping block,” he asserted.

Source: George Takei Twitter

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“We cannot remain complacent,” Takei wrote. “Sure, the economy remains uncertain due to global inflation, a lingering covid pandemic, and a war by Russia in Ukraine. But that does not mean we take our eyes off the ball.”

“The GOP is exploiting and exacerbating all this for political gain,” he claimed.

Source: George Takei Twitter

“If we do not vote in November, if we do not HOLD THE LINE NOW, then the spiral of chaos will continue,” he detailed. “The Republicans are under the spell of misinformation. They believe an entirely different reality, just as the Russian people do over Ukraine. They can be led to do anything.”

Source: George Takei Twitter

“And so we must resist, we must defend our democracy and the Republic from those who would take us to a dark place of autocracy, demagoguery, and repression,” the Star Trek actor stated. “The stakes are too high, the cost too great.”

“We must mobilize, and we must defeat this scourge. NOW,” he concluded.

Source: George Takei Twitter

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Jeri Ryan, who plays Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Picard, also addressed the news claiming that Republicans packed the Supreme Court.

She responded to a tweet from Zac Petkanas that stated, “Republicans packed the Supreme Court and now they’ve overturned Roe v. Wade. Every single Republican owns this.”


Source: Jeri Ryan Twitter

She previously claimed Supreme Court seats were stolen in another tweet where she wrote, “And who could have POSSIBLY predicted that would happen? #stolensupremecourtseats

Source: Jeri Ryan Twitter

Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton also took to Facebook where he shared a meme that reads, “Good morning to everyone except all those who want to strip women of their reproductive human rights.”

Source: Wil Wheaton Facebook

Overturning Roe v. Wade is not a death sentence for individuals. In fact, in many states it will more than likely save thousands of lives as abortion, the murder of infant children in the womb, will be outlawed.

As for the idea posited by Takei and Ryan that Supreme Court seats were stolen this is a complete fabrication as Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were duly nominated by President Donald Trump and then confirmed by the United States Senate.

The New York Times reported Judge Neil Gorsuch was approved 54-45. They also reported Kavanaugh was approved 50-48. Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed 52-48.

Source: Star Trek: Picard (2022), Paramount Plus

What do you make of these Star Trek actors’ opinions in reaction to his leaked majority opinion from Justice Alito overturning Roe v. Wade?

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