John Wick director Chad Stahelski is trading in Keanu Reeves and the underground world of contract killers for giant monsters of the genetically engineered kind in an adaptation of the Nemesis Saga novel series by Jeremy Robinson.

Source: John Wick (2014), Lionsgate Films

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Deadline broke the news that Stahelski is developing the first novel in the series, Project Nemesis, for Sony TV and he will serve as director and executive producer. Neal Moritz of Original Film, the makers of Amazon’s The Boys, is co-producing.

Borrowing plot elements from Godzilla vs. Biollante, Project Nemesis is the story of a little girl named Maigo whose DNA is spliced with that of the Greek goddess of revenge Nemesis after she is murdered.

As you might expect, the resulting creature is fueled by rage and carves a path across the landscape of New England, from Maine to Boston, in search of Maigo’s killer.

Source: Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson, book 1 cover, Amazon

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All the while, the sarcastic Homeland Security agent Jon Hudson has to lead the response team to the threat after years of being mocked for running the DHS Paranormal division. Well, no one is laughing now.

The adaptation is for the first book but there is a total of six novels in The Nemesis Saga with the first being published in 2012. The saga came to a close in 2016 with a bang: comic series adaptations of the first book and its prequel were simultaneously released in 2015 and ‘16.

“I can’t say how excited I am to help bring Jeremy Robinson’s Project Nemesis to the screen,” Stahelski said. “From the first moment I started reading it, I was hooked. This amazing book series has everything I love about the genre: martial arts, action, great characters, and of course, Kaiju!”

Source: Kung Fu Kingdom, YouTube

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As a director, he is keeping busy. Stahelski is also involved with John Wick 4 and the remake of The Highlander which is intended for Henry Cavill and has gone silent as far as its progress after it was announced.

In his career, Stahelski was a stunt coordinator for numerous films including The Matrix trilogy, The Expendables, and Deadpool 2. Earlier on, he was the stuntman and body double for Brandon Lee in The Crow.

He also worked as a coordinator and on the second unit for Birds of Prey – allegedly conducting the reshoots that rewrote the film’s crass plot twist of naughty microfilm.

Source: Project Nemesis issue #5 cover

Project Nemesis doesn’t have a cast or a release date in place, but tell us below your level of hype for the adaptation.

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