Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, known for such films as Transformers: The Last Knight, Uncharted, and Father Stu, recently shared a heartfelt message congratulating his son, Michael on his Catholic confirmation.

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“Good morning from Europe,” Wahlberg prefaced a video posted to his personal Instagram on May 29th. “I just got down on my hands and knees to express my gratitude on this beautiful day. Congratulations to my son Michael for making his confirmation.”

The actor then went on to congratulate all other young people who have also taken this important step to strengthen their relationship with Christ.

“All the young people out there who were confirmed and taking their relationship with the lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made,” he added.

Source: Pints With Aquinas, YouTube

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An avid NBA fan and a Boston born-and-bred Celtics supporter, Wahlberg also took this opportunity to celebrate his team’s recent victory against the Golden State Warriors, as well as Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler, whom the actor considers a close friend.

In a follow-up Instagram post, the Uncharted star shared a picture of his son Michael and wife Rhea Durham alongside the caption, “So proud of this young man. Congrats buddy!! Even though mommy deserves most of the credit, thanks babe.” 

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Wahlberg is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who is not afraid to talk openly about their faith and relationship with God.

As a matter of fact, it is Wahlberg’s faith that led him to not only star in, but also self-finance his most recent project, the aforementioned biographical drama Father Stu, based on the true redemption story of Father Stuart Long.

“Let’s just say I put millions and millions of dollars into the film — and then incurring other costs because we went over schedule in production, and there are clearances for the music,” Wahlberg told People Magazine in April, adding that he had help from a couple of friends, namely Jordon Foss and Stephen Levinson, who also “believed in the project.”

Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) in Columbia Pictures’ FATHER STU.

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Further, the actor disclosed that one of the reasons he didn’t feel comfortable taking all of the credit for getting the film into production was because he felt that God had chosen him to make it.

“I cannot take credit for the movie’s success because this is God choosing me to make the film,” he explained. “He knows finally I get to utilize all the talents and gifts that have been bestowed upon me for his greater good and to serve my part in his big picture.”

HELENA, MONTANA – APRIL 04: Mark Wahlberg visits All Saints Chapel at Carroll College on behalf of the film FATHER STU on April 04, 2022 in Helena, Montana. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

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In a separate interview with Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo, the actor elaborated on his motivations behind creating the biographical drama, asserting, “People need to have faith and hope.”

“Young men need to know what it’s like to be a real man,” Wahlberg continued. “And you could list a million reasons — just turn on the news, anywhere you look there are reasons for encouraging people to have faith and to have hope.”

HELENA, MONTANA – APRIL 04: Mark Wahlberg visits All Saints Chapel at Carroll College on behalf of the film FATHER STU on April 04, 2022 in Helena, Montana. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

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As a Catholic himself, the actor also noted that he could draw some parallels between Father Long’s redemption story and his own life, admitting, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I have been focused since I was 16, 17 years old to turning my life around and that is a daily task.”

The actor added, “God has continued to bless me and put me in this situation not to continue to grow and work on Mark Wahlberg the person, but to do His work and finally, giving me the skills and tools to go out and articulate the message He wants me to articulate.”

“It’s never too late,” Wahlberg concluded. “As long as you’re breathing you have an opportunity to redeem yourself.”

Mark Wahlberg on the set of Columbia Pictures’ FATHER STU.

What do you make of Wahlberg’s congratulatory message for those who have recently received their confirmation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

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