The numerous alleged leaks for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet have been rounded up and summarized by fans.

Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2022), Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

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The first of two major sources for leaks are @CentroLeaks, a Twitter account dedicated to rounding up various claims of leaks from upcoming Pokemon games, and @Riddler_Khu, a leaker who uses cryptic clues to share information about upcoming Pokemon games as well.

@Riddler_Khu appears to also have a rivalry with @CentroLeaks, seemingly over not citing where leaked information initially came from, as some of their images feature abusive language directed at @CentroLeaks. 

As is the nature with all leaks, the first person to share the claim often quickly becomes overshadowed by others sharing it. There is a good chance some of these may be fake however as some fans have fallen for fake Pokémon designs before.

Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2022), Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

With that out of the way, lets delve into the claims.

@CentroLeaks summarized multiple leaks in several Twitter posts across June 11th and 13th. “Summary of Pokémon #ScarletViolet leaks so far (via Khu)” @CentroLeaks began.

They claim that the “Starter final evos are Grass/Dark, Water/Fighting, Fire/Ghost*” and that “Sprigatito’s final evolution has a ‘god-tier’ Hidden Ability, will be bipedal and seems like will be humanoid/waifu-like.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

@CentroLeaks later noted that “Information marked with * was revealed via a riddle and hasn’t been explicitly stated yet by the leaker, so could be wrong or slightly wrong.”

After briefly mentioning “Quaxly’s final evolution is the leaker’s favorite design of the 3,” @CentroLeaks stated the games’ Legendary Pokémon- Koraidon and Miraidon- “are Dragon/Fighting and Dragon/Electric*.” This would likely be respectively.

Source: Second Trailer | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel, YouTube

@CentroLeaks also claim “There’s more than 1 objectmon this gen,” referring to a Pokemon based of a physical object rather than animal, plant, or mineral. Fans have theorized one of these would be a Pokémon that resembles a coin, or inspired by Ratoncito Pérez which is Spain’s version of the tooth fairy. Albeit, the latter would be a rat or mouse.

“There’s at least 4 ‘waifumon’ and multiple ‘husbandomon’ according to the leaker,” @CentroLeaks alleged. Those would be designs that are more humanoid, and allegedly appealing to furrys.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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@CentroLeaks then lists “There will be new cross-gen evolutions,” “An evolution for Dunsparce has been hinted,” “There will be new type combos,” “A new ‘cool’ fish Pokémon,” “The gimmick is related in some way to 3 types*,” and “The gimmick is ‘a new concept of that’ when referring to Megas.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

@CentroLeaks also added there would be  “A regional form for a bull Pokémon*,” along with “A regional form for a Water/Ground Pokémon,” “Smoliv’s evolution is the regional grass female Pokémon” much like Lilligant and Tsareena, “Gogoat is back after haven’t appearing in a Pokémon game since 2013,” and that the “Leaker mentions there’s ‘tons’ of cool new Pokémon.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“The regional Bug Pokémon will be Japanese-themed,” @CentroLeaks alleged– despite the new region being based on Spain- along with “Like SWSH, not every previous stater will be in the game, and “As far as the leaker knows, there will be still some Pokémon after SV that haven’t appeared in any Switch game.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“Lechonk’s evolution will be female looking but ugly (somethi [sic] like Purugly possibly),” “It’s been hinted that the legendaries have 5 of something (forms?)*,” “The legendaries are ridable in some way,” @CentroLeaks continued to list. Later, @CentroLeaks adds “Lechonk’s evolution has a gender difference.”

The latter was long been theorized since Koraidon and Miraidon’s reveal, as the former appears to have a tire in its chest with handle-bar like feathers on its head, while the latter has jet engines on its feet.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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@CentroLeaks also shared images of multiple NPCs. “POTENTIAL POKÉMON SCARLET AND VIOLET IMAGE LEAKS. Looks like images of different characters from the game are leaking into the internet. The source hasn’t been verified, so take them with a grain of salt. These are supposed to be gym leaders.”

The images in question start with a woman with pastel purple and blue hair in an over-sized green top, with her hair in buns resembling Magnemite. We also see a young man or woman with brown hair and a green band wrapped around their head with light brown hair, a classy looking young man with spiky and wavy brownish-yellow hair and a spiked collar, and an older man with a white beard and egg-like hat on his head.

Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2022), Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

The next collection shows a woman with two extremely long braids, a baseball cap, and large gold earrings and a necklace. We also have a dour looking gentleman in a black suit with black hair with grey strands forming a quiff in front of him, with four “spikes” above, and a young boy or girl with red hair and a bandanna. 

“Second set. The last character is apparently another rival?,” @CentroLeaks claimed. “The supposed Gym Leaders are: Bug, Leaf [Grass], Water, Ice, Normal, Electric, Psychic, Ghost”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

@CentroLeaks then showed one more Gym Leader image. He seems to be a young man, with teal blue hair with dark blue stripes and long bangs. He is wearing a shirt with a long neck covering his mouth, much like a ninja.

“Ok the same source that has posted the Gym Leaders leak has also posted this new Pokémon / forms,” @CentroLeaks shared. The first image was a new crystalline form mechanic and potential starter evolutions (elaborated later), and what @CentroLeaks later claimed was “Girafarig’s evolution.”

Source: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (2021), Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

It has a longer neck, an orange body, yellow legs, and spikes running down its back. The “fake head” on its tale now appears to encompass its real head, with the “hood” having four horns that end in black orbs, while Girafarig’s actual head sits inside the fake mouth.

Referring to another leaker (who’s tweet was later deleted), @CentroLeaks explains “Wooper gets a Poison type regional form,” and that “It evolves into a brand new Pokémon, not Quagsire.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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“This was apparently also posted by the same source,” @CentroLeaks conveyed, seemingly showing off an evolved form of Pawmi. It keeps its orange fur, but now has a white bushy tail and white marks at the end of its paws. It’s now bipedal, with arms that grow thicker toward the hands, thicker fur around its neck, and an anime-esque hairstyle. 

After this, another summerized chain of tweets discussed other claims from another source. “NEW Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks from today’s new source:,” @CentroLeaks boasted. Baring one point, the first tweet seemed to confirm what wouldn’t be happening.

“There’s no new Eevee evolution,” “Joltik, Milotic, Wailord, Metagross, Jynx and Golurk are NOT in the game,” “Pokémon WILL TIME TRAVEL,” but “The player will not,” and the leaker “Says that story is very good.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

There will allegedly be “3 cities, 9 towns in the region,” 300-500 Pokémon in the Regional Dex,” with one of them being Garchomp. When the leaker was asked if the Generation 5 Starters- those from Black and White- the leaked replied with details about character customization, or “Whatever the comment in the image means.”

“6starter player (m3/f3),” 3starting pokemon,” “But you can change your hairstyle after” was the reply. 

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

That day @CentroLeaks concluded “The source also insists there will be DLC.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

The third day of leaks saw @CentroLeaks sharing more images that had come with the alleged leaks. “POKÉMON SCARLET AND VIOLET LEAKS PART 3,” @CentroLeaks proudly exclaimed.

“The region is called in japanese Paldea (from Pokémon + Aldea [Village in Spanish]). This is a rough translation; the original Japanese text is in the attached image,” @CentroLeaks explained. So far, all but one mainline Pokemon game have used the same region name in Japanese and English. The source also claimed “Mega Evolutions are NOT back.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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More details on previous alleged leaks were revealed, though the details about the regional dex number was now conflicted with a new claim. “Durnsparce [Dunsparce] has a new evolution,” “There’s a new Dolphin Pokémon, “Murkrow has a new evolution, “Regional Dex: more than 400, “Fuecoco final evolution still an alligator, “No new Fossil Pokémon, and “Yesterday images already included 2 of the evolved starters.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

A “Hint of the gimmick” was then shown by @CentroLeaks. The first image was the aforementioned giant crystal in the shape of a flower- possibly with a black face with two yellow eyes in the middle- and a crystal skull and cross bones above it. The second image shows some kind of crystalline tree, fountain, or dragon with a long neck; but areas of the image being heavily blurred, identification is difficult. 

This may be related to the alleged type mechanic mentioned earlier, though @CentroLeaks later states it doesn’t involve a third type. The purple skull and crossbones could represent the Poison-type. That being said, past symbols for the Poison type have used stylized skull with a single eye socket, or a bubbling puddle of ooze. As such, there is a risk the skull and cross bones crystal is from an entirely different game. 

Source: Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019), Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

Returning to @CentroLeaks leak summery, they claim there will be a “New flamingo Pokémon,” “Not all Hisuian Pokémon are in the game-” referring to some of the “ancient” Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and that “The gimmick doesn’t involve Pokémon getting an extra type.”

“There are sidequests in the game,” @CentroLeaks claims, along with “Teddiursa, Komala, Rotom, Goodra and Sunflora are in the game. Woobat is not,” and “There are 4 pseudolegendary Pokémon-” later corrected as a single group of 4 Legendaries much like the Legendary Birds. 

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“All Pokémon can use the new gimmick,” @CentroLeaks claims, adding “Lugia/Ho-Oh are NOT in,” “When asked about the Champion, the leaker said both male/female when asked the gender (so maybe version exclusive champions?),” Dunsparece [Dunsparce] evo does not fly, “Aipom, Toucannon are NOT in,” but “Misdreavous is IN.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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Dismissing prior rumors and claims, @CentroLeaks’ source claimed “There is no new Dodrio form,” “Koraidon/Miraidon DO NOT have 5 forms,” “Furfrou, Skwovet [later corrected], Minior are not in the ame [sic], “Houndour line IS IN the game,” “Weezing is in the game.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“The leaker said that the Gen 9 starters are the only starters in the game,” @CentroLeak claimed, before adding “At least in the main adventure, we don’t know if any previous starters are transfer-only.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“Looks like Wigglytuff may be getting a regional form but hasn’t been explicitly stated by the leaker,” @CentroLeaks claimed, before finally detailing “The new gimmick:”

“You can transform any Pokémon into that crystalized look by using a new item that looks like a ball, that Nemona gives you,” they claimed. That being said, the crystalized flower and tower do not resemble any known Pokémon- except maybe Cosmog, Lileep, or Alolan Exeggutor with extensive physical changes. 

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

The end of the second trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet does show a Pokéball flying through a fluctuating crystalline backdrop, lending some credibility to this theory. 

@CentroLeaks concluded that chain of tweets stating “A Gen 5 Pokémon gets a new evolution.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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After this, @CentroLeaks shared heavily cropped images of what appeared to be the new Pokemon. First was the evolutions for Sprigatito and Quaxly, as shared earlier. We see the shoulders and lower face of the Sprigatito evolution, with a pink petals around its neck, along with dark green leaves or stripes on part of the body.

The head seemingly has a large black mask akin to Doronjo’s from the classic anime Yatterman. A similar motif was also used for the Pokémon Liepard, though the mask at least has two sharp downward points. 

The Quaxly evolution appears to be shown from behind while using a move- again only showing part of the torso and neck. We see a white neck, dark blue body, and what appears to be blue shoulder spikes made of water or ice, along with behind it, possibly forming a tail. It seems to be using a move, as its whole body is glowing.

Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2022), Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

The next batch of images seems to show a Jigglypuff with yellow eyes and fangs, a heavily blurred image of a snake-thin pink Pokemon (possibly the aforementioned flamingo), an almost black image with a blue blur with a flek of white and red below it (claimed to be Quaxly evolution by @CentroLeaks), and Lechonk’s evolution (having a normal bull or pig-like body, and a large pink orb for a tail.)

Along with reposing the Jigglypuff image again, @CentroLeaks showed what seems to be a new form of Amoongus. This version of the Mushroom Pokemon has stubby black feet, spikes on top of its cap, and green shards hanging down from its cap. 

“Looks like the Amoonguss and Wigglytuff will be a new kind of Pokémon introduced in Gen 9,” @CentroLeaks speculated, before adding they were “Not Regional Forms, not Evolutions, but a new concept.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

When asked why neither of these Pokemon had the crystaline appearance of the other gimmick, @CentroLeaks claimed “That’s a different gimmick. There are at least 2 new gimmicks this gen.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

@CentroLeaks somewhat elaborated further. “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduce 3 new mechanics / gimmicks. – The crystalization, seems to be the main gimmick of the region. All Pokémon can use it and most NPCs use it in-game. It’s activated by a new ball-like item.”

@CentroLeaks’ source explains in a screenshot “to make it more clear, one of the gimmicks used in gen 9 was teased, nearly all of the important npcs will use it in game. The other one is the so-called new concept which will also influence battles someway. RFake is also another new concept but more like official teased memes.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

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After referring the Amoongus and Jigglypuff images as a new form, @CentroLeaks claimed “And a third new mechanic has been called ‘RFakes’, but we don’t know anything about it yet.” Other Twitter users wildly speculated it could be “Robot Fakes” from the future, or “Regional Fakes” which are Pokémon that highly resemble other existing species, but aren’t.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

However, @Riddler_Khu tweeted “Still fun that when your puppy reposted stuff from here, it would add its own stupid interpretations like ‘3 mechanics’, tho you never ever say it. Since it got a new source, then just reposted the source, mixing it up with master’s s–t doesn’t make its aggregation more useful.”

Source: @Riddler_Khu Twitter

In what was expected to be the finale, @CentroLeaks later tweeted “The source has gone dark.” If true, it would add some weight to both @CentroLeaks’ claims, and the claims of those they cited.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

Despite this, @CentroLeaks did share a 4th round of claims on the 14th. Along with claiming “The Jigglypuff is an ancient form,” he finally had more details on the crystal mechanic. “The crystallization gimmick seems to power up types, so it’s like gaining an additional STAB [Same Type Attack Bonus]. For example, you can power up Pikachu to get a Fire type boost (but it won’t get additional weaknesses).”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

Admitting “There are LOTS of mistranslations going around regarding the gimmick and the reality is that nobody knows for sure which is the exact way it works, so take it with a grain of salt,” @CentroLeaks also claimed “When the Pokémon returns to its Poké Ball the crystallization ends.” This is the same as Dynamaxing, but not Mega Evolution.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“Gyms can be done in any order, however there is no scaling,” @CentroLeaks claims. This would tie into the hopes some fans had with the game being more open world, but would be more akin to easy sequence breaking if enemies are not a serious challenge, or cannot adapt to the player’s level.

Players must allegedly “clear ‘3 routes/quests’ to see the ending. Those are not past/present/future, we don’t know what they are exactly,” and “can re-battle gym leaders.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

Winding down, @CentroLeaks claimed “Hypno is back, but doesn’t have a new form,” “Bidoof, Beedrill are not in the game,” and “Apparently you can play soccer with Pokémon?” While Pokémon X and Y had a soccer minigame as a way to train your Pokémon, @CentroLeaks later stated “The soccer thing is not true. It was a joke. Please ignore it.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

@Centroleaks even dismissed other rumors. Regarding an old 4Chan post claiming the crystal mechanic would allow Pokémon could change to any type they were not weak to- gaining a new form in some cases- @CentroLeaks stated “The leaker hasn’t mentioned anything about Camerupt, Shiinotic or Rapidash changing form,” the Pokemon used as examples in the post.

“He hasn’t said anything about the new crystallization gimmick about changing forms, that’s fake. People who say that are just repeating this fake old 4chan post LOL.”

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“Mimikyu and Magikarp are in, but not Applin,” @CentroLeaks claimed, also revealing there would be “No difficulty options,” but “Elite 4 is back.” They had previously been omitted from Sword and Shield, instead having players re-fight a selection of tougher gym leaders.

“There are clasess [sic], exams and interviews in the game,” @CentroLeaks alleged. As the default outfit seems to be somewhat inspired by Spanish school uniforms, the classes and exams may mean the player is undergoing some form of trainer’s school.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

“Also apparently there’s a hammer Pokémon or at least one that uses a hammer,” @CentroLeaks concluded. Others alluded to @Riddler_Khu’s hint that it would be humanoid and feminine in design.

Source: CentroLeaks Twitter

One image shared online appears to be a regional variant of Tauros– the aforementioned “regional form for a bull Pokémon.” However, Twitter user @BeardDoodle revealed this was their creation, with a cleaner image. “Introducing my regional variant of Tauros for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Thank you all for the support on my fake leaks. Your nice comments really mean a lot. #pokemon #fakemon”

They also seem to be the brainchild behind the fake regional variant of Cherubi.

Source: BeardDoodle Twitter

One last point of speculation from the fans is the belief Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will feature new versions of Pokémon from the distant future and ancient past. These “ProtoNeo Forms“- proposed by artist @elesteva076– have already had plenty of fan-art online, and while they would match with the time-traveling Pokemon claim- is not yet official.

Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (2022), Nintendo

What do you think out of the above is genuine or fake? Is there anything we missed? Let us know on social media and in the comments below!

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