10 Versions Of Spider-Man That Need Their Own Film

Split image of Spiderling, Spider Man Noir and Spider's Shadow
Source: Marvel Comics

Diehard comic book fans have always known that Spider-Man has been one of the most versatile characters when it comes to alternate versions of himself, but after Into the Spider-Verse, even casual fans became aware of the wall crawler’s many iterations.

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Perhaps only Batman rivals Spidey when it comes to different interpretations of the character. They are so prevalent and popular that many of them could easily get their own live-action or animated film. 

10) Spider-Girl

Source: Spider-Girl, Marvel

Peter Parker and Mary Jane have had many different children in many different futures, but May “Mayday” Parker ruled in the early 2000s. Her universe spans an entire series of its own that is completely fleshed out with both original characters, and the future versions of old ones.

Although her series is over, May played a prominent role in the blockbuster crossover Spider-Verse. What’s even better is that her origin story is as easily understood as Spider-Man’s, making it perfect as a jumping on point for a film adaptation.

9) Spider-Man Noir

Source: Spider-Man Noir, Marvel

Spider-Man Noir got some spotlights from Into the Spider-Verse, but the character is much more than that. As opposed to a radioactive spider bite, he actually got his powers from a totem, making him a bit more supernatural than his mainstream counterparts.

However, that’s not what makes Spider-Man Noir unique. He’s a much darker, grittier version of Spider-Man who even carries a gun. The best part about the character is that he could be an introduction to a whole noir universe that contains other characters like the X-Men and the Punisher.

8) Spider-Man India

Source: Spider-Man India, Marvel

Spider-Man India was originally born out of the miniseries that reimagined the Spider-Man mythos in India (obviously). He recently played a much larger role in the Spider-Verse crossover and the follow-up series Web Warriors.

Besides his part in a larger spider-verse, Spider-Man India’s main series was a great reimagining of the characters in Spider-Man’s world for a much different setting that not many fans might be aware of. It’s an interesting change of scenery with a somewhat familiar story.

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7) Spider-Ham

Source: Spider-Man – Into the Spiderverse, Marvel

Spider-Ham is another character that stole the show in Into the Spider-Verse. At this point, he probably needs no introduction to mainstream audiences, but he could use a vehicle of his own to shine.

Even greater is the fact that he’s part of a much larger animal-themed Marvel Universe. As so many Marvel stories move towards becoming more dramatic, sometimes it’s fun to just step back and do something completely ridiculous and absurd with characters.

6) Spider-Man 2099

Source: Spider-Man 2099, Marvel

Miguel O’Hara has been around for a while at this point, but that doesn’t make him any less worthy of a solo vehicle. The 2099 universe has expanded to fit in many different characters and teams, but Spider-Man 2099 still remains it’s heart.

Fans got to play as him briefly in the video game Spider-Man: Edge of Time, but a solo film could really show what Miguel O’Hara can do. Casual Marvel fans might be surprised at how different Miguel is from Peter Parker, but as the tone for superheroes starts to move towards being edgier and darker, Miguel will fit right in. 

5) Spider’s Shadow

Source: Spider’s Shadow, Marvel

Spidey’s heroism has become so ingrained in the public consciousness that it’s hard to imagine him as anything else, but that’s exactly what this recent What If…? mini series sought to do. It asks the question “what if Peter Parker never rejected his black suit symbiote?” The results are shocking.

In contrast to getting edgier and darker heroes, Spider’s Shadow goes into the complete opposite direction by giving fans an edgier and darker villain. It shows a path of corruption that is not often associated with Spider-Man, but the series was shocking enough that it’s worthy of its own adaptation.

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4) Spiders Man

Source: Spidergeddon, Marvel

The great thing about the Spider-Verse comic crossover is that it allowed a chance not just for notable versions of Spider-Man to come together, but for writers to create completely new and obscure ones. Spiders Man is just that.

Garth Ennis once created a villain that was made up of a thousand different spiders inhabiting a single body. Spiders Man does something similar with Peter Parker. He’s actually a bunch of different spiders clumped together to form the figure of a man. He’s so weird and strange that even a brief adaptation of him would be worthwhile.

3) Scarlet Spider

Source: Scarlet Spider, Marvel

Perhaps no Spider-Man character has had a more tumultuous ride than Ben Reilly. He’s recently taken a dark turn as a new version of the Jackal, and then a new villain named Chasm. But it was his time in the ’90s as Scarlet spider that fans remember the most.

Besides having a great look to him, Ben’s story arc is one of finding purpose in a world where nothing is as it seems. His emotional state has been jerked around so much that it’s hard for him to find his footing. It’s a very inspiring journey that’s still going to this day, so to adapt part of it for the screen is a way to give the character a shot.

2) House of M

Source: Spider-Man House of M, Marvel

The House of M storyline is fairly particular, but its approach to Spider-Man was unique in its own right. It sought to rewrite reality to give Peter Parker everything he ever wanted, but Peter, who’s always surrounded by tragedy, couldn’t handle it and broke down.

It might be difficult to adapt the storyline while keeping the House of M premise intact, but that doesn’t mean a similar Spider-Man storyline can’t exist under different circumstances. Writers could come up with a different justification for this altered reality, and just let the story flow from there.

1) Spiderling

Source: Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Marvel

Like Mayday Parker, Annie is another possible offspring of Peter and MJ. She was originally part of the Secret Wars storyline, but her tale was so engaging that she lived on in a series after Secret Wars ended.

What’s interesting about Spiderling is that her story was told through multiple points in her life. In Mayday’s reality, Peter was a broken man that quit being Spider-Man, but Annie still had a father who was active as a hero. Even more than that, her mother became one as well. Spiderling relishes her time as a hero, and many fans would love to see her come to life.

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