The Great Lakes Avengers is a bizarre team in the Marvel Universe. They are geared more towards comedy than actual crime fighting. In fact, their name has shifted over the years as they have shifted there ridiculous identity to embody different things.

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Now that one of their primary characters has appeared in She-Hulk, the possibility of the team actually forming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in sight. Whether or not that actually takes shape has yet to be seen, but there are several contenders that might be worthy additions.

10) Mr. Immortal

Source: She-Hulk, Marvel Studios

Of course, the character that appeared in She-Hulk was Mr. Immortal. No mention of the Great Lakes Avengers, or even Mr. Immortal’s crime fighting activities came in the episode. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

This version of Mr. Immortal was slightly different than the one in the comics. He appeared more dapper and self-centered. However, the core of the character remained the same as he laughed in the face of death, and took advantage of it to the best of his ability.

9) Deadpool

Deadpool 2

Source: Deadpool, Twentieth Century Studios

This might seem like a strange choice, as Deadpool technically isn’t in the MCU yet, but his arrival is inevitable. Also, given the meta nature of the character, he would be a perfect fit with the Great Lakes Avengers’ ridiculous antics.

A comic version of Deadpool never appeared in the GLA, but that shouldn’t really matter. If The Thunderbolts is any indication, the MCU isn’t restricting their team rosters to comic book membership.

8) Ant-Man

Source: Ant-Man, Marvel Studios

Ant-Man is another choice for the GLA that might seem strange, given that he had no connection to the team in the comics, but the MCU is great at utilizing tools that are already at their disposal.

Since Ant-Man has had many comedic elements in his MCU appearances, he can take those and apply them to the GLA. Plus, Ant-Man’s superpower is inherently hilarious, which can lead to some great opportunities as he interacts with other GLA members.

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7) Big Bertha

Source: Big Bertha, Marvel

Big Bertha is one of the most hilarious of the GLA members. Her powers are similar to the X-Men villain Blob, as she is ridiculously obese, and uses that strength to great effect. However, it’s her secret identity that makes her a great character.

When she’s not fighting crime as a member of the GLA, Big Bertha is a stick thin supermodel that is known across the globe. When required, she transforms into her gigantic form in order to fight crime. It’s a hilarious gimmick that would be great to see on screen.

6) Squirrel Girl

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Source: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Marvel

Fans have wanted to see Squirrel Girl in the MCU for a while now. There was even a failed New Warriors pilot that featured the character. Bringing the GLA to the screen would provide the perfect opportunity to have her make her proper MCU debut.

Squirrel Girl is an interesting character in that she’s had a renaissance as of late. Her popularity has grown, and she might be the most well-known out of all the GLA members, considering she’s had a prominent solo crime fighting career.

5) Spider-Man

Source: Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel Studios

Spider-Man might seem like a strange addition, given that he’s so popular on his own, even more so than Ant-Man and Deadpool. However, Spider-Man is also a hilarious character that can make for some great interactions.

He might not work as a permanent member of the team, but seeing him interact with the various GLA members for a cameo, or team up would be great, considering how comedic Tom Holland has been in the role.

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4) Flat Man

Source: Great Lakes Avengers, Marvel Comics

Flat Man is another GLA member whose powers make him hilarious on his own. There are other heroes that can replicate his powers, such as Mr. Fantastic, but Flat Man takes them to an extreme.

He’s constantly flat, and doesn’t just do it for short periods of time. Just his very presence on the screen would be funny. In fact, it would be very hilarious if the storyline would take a very serious turn, and then just have Flat Man there looking ridiculous to add levity to the scene.

3) Drax

Source: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Marvel Studios

It’s unclear what will happen to the Guardians of the Galaxy after their third film comes out, but if Drax is to remain a part of the MCU, then he would fit in nicely with the Great Lakes Avengers.

The GLA is not a violent team, so putting Drax on it would create awkward and hilarious tension. Plus, although he’s not necessarily a comedic character in the comics, the MCU’s Drax has had some hilarious moments on screen, and could replicate those on this funny team.

2) She-Hulk

Source: She-Hulk, Marvel Studios

Even though She-Hulk had never been on the GLA in the comics, her inclusion on the team in the MCU almost seems like a no-brainer. Mr. Immortal made his MCU debut on the show, so there is an obvious connection there.

Besides that, the generic tone of the She-Hulk show is actually right in line with how a GLA show or movie would be depicted, even if the writing has been an abject disaster. She-Hulk’s comedy and meta nature would fit in nicely with how the GLA comics are written.

1) Loki

Source: Avengers, Disney

Loki is an oddball in the MCU. He’s a dangerous and dastardly villain, but he is also been fairly light-hearted and comedic at times. Also, these elements have never truly been utilized properly in a team setting. Throwing this god in with goofballs would make for some great opportunities.

Of course, there are many obstacles into making this happen. Loki’s presence in the MCU’s Phase 4 has been prominent since he triggered the multiverse, so there might be big plans for him on the horizon. Still, throwing an actual god unto a team of misfits would be funny.

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