The Most Hilarious Woke Pop Culture Fails Of 2022

Split image of She-Hulk, The Rings of Power and Harry and Meghan
Split image of She-Hulk, The Rings of Power and Harry and Meghan

While 2021 was a smorgasbord of Woke insanity and unfathomable stupidity, 2022 ended up being a turning point which finally put the radical movement fully on its heels. People from all sides of the political spectrum banded together – at least unofficially – to stem the tide of Left-wing extreme-radicalism which had soured and permeated the cultural sphere. 

Drag queens indoctrinating children on Nickelodeon, via YouTube

Drag queens indoctrinating children on Nickelodeon, via YouTube

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The result was a series of epic takedowns and self-owns against Woke celebrities, studios and politicians who figured 2022 was going to be a repeat of the previous year. The results were delightfully catastrophic for the radical Left, and the damage done has prevented them from gaining any ground moving forward. 

As we move into 2023, it’s important to take a look back at the previous year’s most hilarious Leftist blunders, for no other reason than to remind ourselves just how intellectually stunted and ideologically fragile this movement really is. Doing so will help shore up reserves as we press our attack, and hopefully banish this insufferable fad back into the Phantom Zone, where it belongs.


Maverick rockets off an aircraft carrier in 'Top Gun: Maverick' (2022), Paramount Pictures

Maverick rockets off an aircraft carrier in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (2022), Paramount Pictures

In a sea of drab, uninspired, lifeless Left-wing drivel came Top Gun: Maverick, a surprise hit that sought to capitalize on the iconic and timeless success of the 1986 original – and succeeded. Tom Cruise returned to the role that helped make him famous, while stripping the film down to its most basic and functional components.

That meant no political pandering, no lecturing, no identity politics, and no racially divisive content. Top Gun: Maverick cast both men and women in roles that felt authentic and likeable, and kept a large percentage of the original’s free-spirited action/drama appeal. The recipe was one of success, to the tune of nearly $1.5 billion in ticket sales. 

Maverick talks to Rooster before training in 'Top Gun: Maverick' (2022), Paramount Pictures

Maverick talks to Rooster before training in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (2022), Paramount Pictures

This level of astonishing success came at a time when the go-to excuse for Woke cinematic bombs was fear of Covid-19. Said Woke bombs included Disney’s Lightyear, the cringey female-centric action dud The 355, the gay romcom Bros, and the LGBTQ-themed kids film Strange World. 


The unmasked Master Chief in the 'Halo' TV series (2022) from Paramount+

The unmasked Master Chief in the ‘Halo’ TV series (2022) from Paramount+

It was only a matter of time before someone attempted a full-fledged serialized live action treatment of Halo that went beyond Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall, and Paramount thought it was up to the task. Its attempt to woo longtime gaming fans of the franchise was met with rejection, all thanks to Woke identity politics, atrocious writing, and the Left’s standard practice of deconstructing popular male heroes.

Halo wasn’t Halo at all, and the most galling aspect is how it wore the skin of the popular gaming franchise while simultaneously trying to sideload in a bunch of Left-wing tripe. That, combined with a budget that couldn’t match the show’s vision led to a series forced to fall back on unnecessary talking and runaround exposition.

Promotional art for the 'Halo' TV series, Paramount+

Promotional art for the ‘Halo’ TV series, Paramount+

And of course, the portrayal of Master Chief by actor Pablo Schreiber was insulting to longtime fans who knew the character’s stoic history inside and out. The Chief spent most of his on-screen time out of suit, which is atypical. Then came “the feels,” complete with a romantic subplot involving the Chief bedding a lifelong Covenant-allied human woman in record time.

It was a complete mess that thought it was being clever with character development, not realizing that it had blown all of the fan favorites out of the airlock, only to replace them with Body Snatcher-esque substitutes. Halo is not a Woke property by any stretch of the imagination, yet the showrunners tried to shoehorn it in anyways, costing Paramount millions in the process. 


Reva (Moses Ingram) and a contingent of Stormtroopers in 'Star Wars: Obi-Wan' (2022), Disney+

Reva (Moses Ingram) and a contingent of Stormtroopers in ‘Star Wars: Obi-Wan’ (2022), Disney+

The announcement of a live-action Obi-Wan TV series starring Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen perked the eyebrows of quite a few Star Wars fans, but it quickly became clear that the showrunners had other plans. Wedged inside an obtuse, contradictory story full of plot holes was Reva Sevander, played by black actress Moses Ingram. We stress her skin color, only because Disney did it first, for no apparent reason.

Ingram quickly became the focal point of the story, leaving the titular character in the background for a large chunk of the running time. Her character was completely pointless, and only served to distract attention away from what should have been an inevitable face off between former Jedi Master and Padawan learner.

Obi-Wan Kenobi faces down Darth Vader in 'Obi-Wan' (2022) Disney+

Obi-Wan Kenobi faces down Darth Vader in ‘Obi-Wan’ (2022) Disney+

Of course, that confrontation did take place, but only after a series of illogical episodes managed to drag out a paper-thin story in the hopes that audiences would stay on board for the ride. Obi-Wan was a terrible show for many reasons, but its failure was far more damaging to Moses Ingram and her character, who was prioritized from day one to be a walking Woke billboard. 

Reva was so bad that even greedy toy and prop companies began canceling her merchandise due to her unpopularity. Toy maker Hasbro was forced to cancel a crowdfunding campaign for Reva’s double-bladed Inquisitor lightsaber after it failed to meet its minimum backing goal. Only 1,413 backers signed on after 1.5 months, a far cry from the minimum 5,000 required for a green light.

Hasbro's failed attempt to crowdfund Reva's Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Hasbro’s failed attempt to crowdfund Reva’s Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Once again, the failure was self-imposed by Disney and the Obi-Wan writers, showrunners and cast members, all of whom accused lifelong Star Wars fans of racism. Attacking and labeling the audience that pays for goods and services is a rather unorthodox, and ultimately unsuccessful business strategy. 


The "bottom dance" sing-along with children in 'Bros' (2022), Universal Pictures

The “bottom dance” sing-along with children in ‘Bros’ (2022), Universal Pictures

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The LGBTQ movement has pushed hard for artificial over-representation into every sphere of culture, and their goal is to usurp and take total control of the narrative for all time. Their Woke campaign suffered a massive setback when the gay romcom Bros spiraled into the ground like a kamikaze pilot. The film cost $22 million to make, yet scraped only $14.8 million in ticket sales to show for it.

Naturally, the excuse given is that most people are evil homophobes who can’t handle a gay comedy film. Or, alternatively, the overwhelmingly straight population had little-to-nothing in common with the characters or themes of the film, and chose not to go see it. More so, the supposed legions of LGBTQ folks didn’t head to the theater to see it, either, which is telling.

A scene at a gay bar from 'Bros' (2022), Universal Pictures

A scene at a gay bar from ‘Bros’ (2022), Universal Pictures

It was a massive setback for an extreme-radicalized LGBTQ movement; a microcosm of the gay population that prioritizes its own political self-interests over actual tolerance and social unity. Nobody was interested in it, and it was quickly chucked in the dust bin of silver screen history. In fact, you forgot it even existed until we reminded you. 


Matt Walsh visits an African tribe in "What Is a Woman?" (2022), The Daily Wire+

Matt Walsh visits an African tribe in “What Is a Woman?” (2022), The Daily Wire+

The entire Woke establishment was close to dowsing themselves in gasoline and lighting a match when political pundit Matt Walsh debuted his documentary What Is A Woman? on The Daily Wire+ platform. The question, simple as it may appear, has stumped a Left that has confused itself via its own contradictory gobbledygook and nonsense.

We praised the documentary for its no-nonsense approach to the topic of radical gender theory, spearheaded by serial child abusers Alfred Kinsey and John Money. In the documentary, Walsh speaks to all manner of nose-ringed, artificially tinted haired radical LGBTQ activists in academia and the medical field, showcasing the simultaneous horrors and stupidity of this ideology.

Matt Walsh stumps an LGBTQ academic in 'What Is A Woman?' (2022), The Daily Wire+

Matt Walsh stumps an LGBTQ academic in ‘What Is A Woman?’ (2022), The Daily Wire+

During each encounter, Walsh stumps them all by asking the titular question – what is a woman? Just like Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown-Jackson, they are either unable, or unwilling to answer the question. What audiences are left with is a demonstration of circular Left-wing pseudo-logic and dead-ended arguments that showcase just how weak and frail radical gender theory really is.

It also shines a light on the disgusting practice of sexualizing little schoolchildren in this garbage, up to and including exposing them to full-fledged pornographic material. The Left’s outrage against the documentary was loud and extreme, but it did nothing to sully its influence or reach. What Is A Woman? was the perfect antidote to the nonsense peddled by political radicals suffering from extreme mental illness. 


Harry expresses frustration in 'Harry and Meghan' (2022), Netflix

Harry expresses frustration in ‘Harry and Meghan’ (2022), Netflix

Meghan Markle started out in a winning position when she married Prince Harry of the British Royal Family, but she quickly destroyed her credibility and likeability with a series of slanted, manipulative and narcissistic power plays that triggered the couple’s exit from Buckingham Palace.

The public began to see Markle’s true colors when she openly accused the Royal Family of being racist towards her, which raised more than a few eyebrows. Next was the couple’s appearance with Oprah Winfrey, where the two talked about their wish to live a quiet and normal life away from the limelight and the cameras.

Meghan Markle cries for the camera in 'Harry and Meghan' (2022), Netflix

Meghan Markle cries for the camera in ‘Harry and Meghan’ (2022), Netflix

Naturally, that included as many celebrity appearances as possible, and a Netflix series that dove inside the couple’s manufactured narrative, right down to stealing press shots from another event and passing them off as their own. Public outrage and resentment against Harry and Meghan grew by leaps and bounds, and the show quickly flopped.

Of course, this latest failure will act as a catalyst for Markle to play the victim once more; a role she has practiced in front of the mirror to perfection at this point. The more people see of Harry and Meghan, the more they are turned off by their lies, deceit and Woke manipulation tactics.


Jennifer Lawrence in 'Don't Look Up' (2021), Netflix

Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Don’t Look Up’ (2021), Netflix

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has said some incredibly stupid things in her time, including her insinuation that hurricanes were Mother Nature’s wrath against Trump voters. She tried to walk that one back by claiming she was quoted out of context…which she absolutely was not. Nevertheless, Lawrence continues to stick her foot in her mouth at every opportunity, seemingly by compulsion.

Her latest mega-gaffe occurred when she spoke on Variety’s Actors on Actors series, where she claimed she was the first bona fide female action hero. “I remember when I was doing Hunger Games, nobody had ever put a woman in the lead of an action movie because it wouldn’t work — because we were told girls and boys can both identify with a male lead, but boys cannot identify with a female lead,” the actress claimed.

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' (2014), Lionsgate

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ (2014), Lionsgate

Online backlash was immediate, and millions piled on the well-deserved ridicule with hilarious memes and a never-ending string of digs and jabs. To the point, however, it showcased Lawrence’s irritating arrogance and astonishing lack of intelligence, not to mention ignorance of female action movie leads like Carrie Fisher, Sigourney Weaver, Milla Jovovich, Charlize Theron, Uma Thurman, and of course, Linda Hamilton…to name but a few.


Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View,' ABC

Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View,’ ABC

Screen legend and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg has been marching down a path of Woke extreme-radicalism for years, and the results have been repugnant, to say the least. As co-host of the cognitively-challenged The View panel, Goldberg has used her platform to spew every conspiracy theory and radical talking point imaginable, but none as worse as her stint in 2022.

When discussing the Left’s ever-favorite topic of rabid obsession – racism – Goldberg suggested that the Holocaust against Jews circa WWII was not done out of racism, but rather “man’s inhumanity to man.” The outrage was swift from both sides of the political sphere, and the show’s producers were forced to slap Goldberg on the wrist with a temporary suspension, before reinstating her weeks later.

Whoopi Goldberg reprises her role as Guinan on 'Star Trek: Picard' (2022), Paramount+

Whoopi Goldberg reprises her role as Guinan on ‘Star Trek: Picard’ (2022), Paramount+

After issuing a fake apology and returning to the set, Goldberg bided her time until the end of 2022 in order to double down on her previous comments. In so doing, she reasserted her official position as defense for the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler, by suggesting that it was not about racial hatred.

Which is preposterous, insulting, and venomously racist to the core. Even Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League was forced to step in and chastise Goldberg for her comments. The actress attempted once again to feign an insincere apology, insisting her comments were taken out of context. Hard to believe, given the Left’s virulent hatred of Jews throughout history.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears on The Late Show, CBS

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears on The Late Show, CBS

There are certain undeniable facts devoid of any counter-arguments, such as death, taxes, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being the dumbest human being ever to have lived in the history of mankind. The jaw-droppingly incompetent firebrand politician, best known for sleepwalking her way into Congress thanks to an easy win in a D+12 district, has never seen a rake she won’t jump on with both feet and a smile that would make Thanos turn tail.

After spewing her nonsense for what seems like an eternity at this point, the ever-ridiculous AOC decided to star in a climate change documentary called To The End, directed by radical Left activist Rachel Lears, whom nobody has ever heard of. The documentary debuted on 120 U.S. screens, earning a grand total of $9,667 dollars, before topping out around $15,800 dollars, which is just about enough to cover the lighting gear rentals and catering costs.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders appear in 'To The End' (2022), Roadside Attractions

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders appear in ‘To The End’ (2022), Roadside Attractions

It was a hilarious rebuke not only against AOC, but against the climate change alarmism of the Left, which is actively being used as an excuse to swell government overreach powers at the behest of evil organizations like the World Economic Forum. Despite the boot-licking from the typical cabal of Leftist journalists, To The End was forgotten seconds after the end credits rolled. Nobody cared, and nobody watched.

It was nothing short of pure, glorious karma for a former daiquiri mixer who couldn’t name the three branches of government, and didn’t know how to work her own garbage disposal


Jennifer tests out her strength in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' (2022), Disney+

Jennifer tests out her strength in ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ (2022), Disney+

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Longtime comic book fans knew exactly what was in store when Disney announced a live action She-Hulk series for Disney+, which connected directly to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase IV was plagued with problems since its debut, primarily due to head honcho Kevin Feige’s insistence on pushing radical feminism into every fiber of every production.

Therefore, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law was almost a parody of itself, on purpose. The hapless and incompetent writers clearly loathed the source material to such a degree that they purposely trolled fans – in the actual show – in an attempt to exact revenge on the very people who pay their bills. That, and She-Hulk was simply a terribly produced show from top to bottom.

Jennifer gets into a fight in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' (2022), Disney+

Jennifer gets into a fight in ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ (2022), Disney+

Viewers began joking on social media as to what was worse – the cringeworthy third-wave feminist vomit, or the rotten CGI. Indeed, Disney blew a bundle on She-Hulk, supposedly spending $75 million dollars on just three out of nine episodes. That’s nearly 30% more than what it cost to make the first Deadpool film. 

When the showed inevitably bombed, the Woke writers did what they always do – blame the fans. It came like clockwork, yet convinced no one, especially since the majority of the supposedly gigantic audience for this kind of content never showed up to watch a single episode. She-Hulk was universally panned across the board.

Jennifer confronts Daredevil in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' (2022), Disney+

Jennifer confronts Daredevil in ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ (2022), Disney+

And for good reason. The entire point of the show was to troll longtime comic book fans, but it ended up leaving Disney with yet another massive financial loss at a time when they were already struggling in the wake of duds like Eternals, Black Widow and Shang-Chi. The million-dollar question, as always, is how much money can a company lose before it snaps out of its own delusions?


Dave Chappelle's infamous 'The Closer' special on Netflix

Dave Chappelle’s infamous ‘The Closer’ special on Netflix

For the radical Left, nothing is worse than when one of their own stray from the programming and exercise a modicum of independent thought. In 2022, there were multiple targets who deviated from the Woke script and angered the mob, yet suffered little-to-no damage to their careers.

The first was Dave Chappelle, already in the Left’s crosshairs after his unapologetic take on gender in the Netflix 2021 comedy special The Closer. For months, Chappelle had become the target of Left-wing ire, yet he ignored it while continuing to do his thing, leading to a late 2022 appearance on SNL, which was whipped cream on humble pie.

Chris Pratt stars in 'The Terminal List' (2022), Amazon Prime

Chris Pratt stars in ‘The Terminal List’ (2022), Amazon Prime

Next was Chris Pratt, best known for his role as Peter Quill/Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor has taken both Left and Right positions in the past, and is widely regarded as something of a Centrist. He’s also taken flack simply for believing in the existence of God, while simultaneously contradicting himself on whether he’s religious or not.

Nevertheless, Pratt shrugged most of it off, and emerged intact on the other side of the proverbial gauntlet. His series The Terminal List became an instant hit and a huge success, while he continued to star in big budget Hollywood flicks like Thor: Love and Thunder and Jurassic World: Dominion.

J.K. Rowling talks about Harry Potter on Today's YouTube channel

J.K. Rowling talks about Harry Potter on Today’s YouTube channel

And finally, there’s J.K. Rowling, hardly a Right-winger by any standard, but brave and steadfast enough to fend off an enduring assault by radical Leftists. Her stance on transgenderism earned her extreme amounts of vitriol from the Woke Left, to the point where she’s now an outcast within her own Harry Potter universe.

Nevertheless, Rowling refused to budge an inch, and actually gained ground due to her bravery. Her book sales went up, and she’s become more popular than ever to the majority of the population who loathes what Wokeness stands for, and supports good entertainment with no political agendas thrown in.


A confused Geralt (Henry Cavill) questions Jaskier's (Joey Batey) actions in 'The Witcher' (2021). Netflix

A confused Geralt (Henry Cavill) questions Jaskier’s (Joey Batey) actions in ‘The Witcher’ (2021). Netflix

Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia, make no mistake. Some apprehension arose when a live-action Witcher series was announced by Netflix with the Man of Steel actor in the lead role, but all doubts were cast aside when he debuted in the first season. Perhaps that’s why it’s such a tragically laughable twist of irony that Cavill has now exited The Witcher after just two seasons, leaving the showrunners scrambling in panic.

Cavill is no stranger to siding with fans, and indeed, that’s what makes him one of the most appealing celebrities in an age of out-of-control Leftism and Woke pandering. Season two of The Witcher took unceremonious liberties with the source material which upset many fans, and Cavill himself was no exception. 

After clashing with showrunner Lauren Hissrich over canonical issues, Cavill exited stage left, and the show’s future is now in doubt. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, especially given the recent debut of The Witcher: Blood Origin, which is getting torn apart by fans as insincere and ingenuine add-on content.

For his part, Cavill actively campaigned for the role of Geralt with a passion rarely glimpsed by Hollywood celebrities. After finally scoring the role, he gave it his all, and it was backed up by a knowledge of the source material that the writers found politically inconvenient. Instead, they meddled with the story, and lost their linchpin as a result.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel (2013), Warner Bros. Pictures

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel (2013), Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans should remember that Cavill is an avid video gamer who builds his own PCs, and has expressed interest in creating a Warhammer cinematic universe. His refusal to stick with a show so obviously compromised by Woke feminists, while simultaneously taking slings and arrows in defense of the fans, is something worthy of salute in an entertainment world largely bereft of conviction and principles. 


Indiana "Frosk" Black shows critics the way out in 'Making Games Accessible For Everyone,' Xplay YouTube

Indiana “Frosk” Black shows critics the way out in ‘Making Games Accessible For Everyone,’ Xplay YouTube

Indiana “Frosk” Black kicked off the Left’s descent into total failure and self-ownage in 2022 with an unhinged Woke rant akin to detonating demolition charges on an old grain silo. During her ill-advised tirade, Frosk railed against “sexism in gaming,” using her less-bangable (her words, not ours) appearance as the comparison.

After the insufferable diatribe had mercifully concluded, other G4 alum rushed out in typical white knight fashion to defend her, while tens of thousands of (former) G4 fans struggled to comprehend what they had just witnessed. It was the beginning of the end for a disastrous and embarrassing relaunch of the legendary G4, and not even brand restructuring and a course correction were sufficient to keep things going.

Adam Sessler openly threatens violence on his Twitter account

Adam Sessler openly threatens violence on his Twitter account

G4’s YouTube channel hemorrhaged subscribers, network President Russell Arons bailed after less than a year, and massive layoffs hit the company. G4 represents one of the least successful relaunches of a brand in corporate history, but there really is no mystery as to why.

Frosk wasn’t totally to blame for the debacle. Former G4 host Adam Sessler went on a Twitter tirade threatening physical violence against detractors, hurling mom insults, and wishing death upon members of his own family for their Conservative political views. When the dust had settled, G4 became exhibit A as to why nobody should ever hire deranged Woke Left-wing radicals…ever. 


Morfydd Clark as Galadriel, Charles Edwards as Celebrimbor in 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' (2022), Amazon Prime

Morfydd Clark as Galadriel, Charles Edwards as Celebrimbor in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ (2022), Amazon Prime

When Amazon announced a prequel Lord of the Rings series, few were excited. Peter Jackson had already created a three-part masterpiece in the original Lord of the Rings film trilogy, yet Amazon’s own show The Rings of Power foolishly thought it could replicate that level of success. 

It was a disaster from day one, with pessimism circling the show’s pre-production like a bad cloud. Fans had plenty to be worried about, since Amazon was a mega-corporation with no experience in productions of this scale, not to mention the pervasive and permeating culture of Wokeness that had taken root within the company years prior.

Arondir in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022), Amazon Prime

Arondir in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022), Amazon Prime

When the first images and trailers eventually dropped, all their worst fears had been confirmed. From day one, Amazon botched the unveiling and marketing for The Rings of Power by purposely putting racial identity politics at the forefront, rather than story. Next, it bastardized its characters into oblivion, particularly fan favorite Galadriel.

The show was a convoluted, contradictory bore mired in lazy and immature writing, terrible pacing, predictable plot devices and twists, and of course, rotten character development. All this on top of a writing team that openly lied about its knowledge of the source material, then overtly refused to listen to critical fan feedback

Lenny Henry in 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' (2022), Amazon Studios

Lenny Henry in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ (2022), Amazon Studios

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The Rings of Power was a masterclass in Left-wing arrogance and narcissism, and fans responded by tuning out in droves. If nothing else, it’s a testament to what happens when the unyielding mind virus of Wokeism infiltrates powerful companies like Amazon, turning cultural foundations into crumbling ruins.


Yahoo Finance reports on Disney's massive stock drop on their YouTube channel

Yahoo Finance reports on Disney’s massive stock drop on their YouTube channel

The largest and most outrageous Woke fail of 2022 was, without a doubt, the moment Disney decided to stick its nose where it absolutely did not belong. It all started when Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis and his administration spearheaded a new law dictating that teachers could not discuss sexual orientation and gender identity topics with minors in the classrooms, which seemed perfectly logical in a less insane time period.

Rather than sit it out, Disney decided to jump into the fray to satisfy baying Left-wing radicals who are keen to force corporations to do their ideological dirty work for them. In Disney’s case, the company had already gone so far Woke under the direction of CEO Bob Iger that the confrontation seemed inevitable.

Today reports on Ron DeSantis going after Disney's special tax status on their YouTube Channel

Today reports on Ron DeSantis going after Disney’s special tax status on their YouTube Channel

However, things really started to heat up when Iger retired, leaving Bob Chapek in charge. In typical cowardly, groveling fashion, Chapek led the charge at Disney in an attempt to try and overthrow Florida’s new anti-grooming bill. The resulting backlash, both from parents and government officials, was nothing short of Biblical. Disney quickly learned the value of staying in its own lane, instead of going political.

Not only did parents react by canceling their Disney World visits and Disney+ subscriptions – which caused stock prices to crater – but it also ticked off Ron DeSantis to the point where he stripped the corporation of its special tax status, which essentially allowed it to operate as an independent jurisdiction. The message was clear and simple – “f*** around, and find out. ”

CNN reports Bob Iger returning as CEO of Disney after Bob Chapek was fired, via CNN YouTube

CNN reports Bob Iger returning as CEO of Disney after Bob Chapek was fired, via CNN YouTube

The company’s special status will expire on the first of June, 2023, and the impact on the already-struggling mega-giant will be severe. Disney has presided over a string of incredibly expensive cinematic flops, not to mention dwindling theme park attendance, and the abrupt termination of Bob Chapek as CEO. Iger’s return to the big chair means nothing when it comes to a man incapable of making a financially responsible course correction.


Eric July reports on his massively successful comic book crowdfunding campaign, via Twitter

Eric July reports on his massively successful comic book crowdfunding campaign, via Twitter

Last year, I predicted that 2022 would signal the end of Woke cultural progression, and force them to stop dead in their tracks. It remains to be seen whether they can be pushed back, but certainly, no future ground will be given. All attempts the Left made in 2022 to cement their stranglehold were met with utter failure, and there’s no reason to think that trajectory will change in 2023.

For now, we can look back, point and laugh at the Woke intellectual imbeciles that made us laugh while our culture was busily burning down around us. From the ashes will come something new, and we’ve already seen the beginnings, whether it’s Eric July’s disruption of the comic book world, the continued ascension of the Fandom Menace, and the larger rejection of radical Leftism by centrists, and both sides of the political aisle. 

Joe Biden delivers a terrifying speech against a fascist color backdrop, from The Washington Examiner's YouTube channel

Joe Biden delivers a terrifying speech against a fascist color backdrop, from The Washington Examiner’s YouTube channel

Our collective new year’s resolution should be to continue resisting Leftist cultural imperialism at every turn. Fight the good fight, and press the ideological attack when the Woke are on the ropes. This foe wants to erase our culture, redefine language in Orwellian fashion, and pave the way for free thinking individuals to be forcibly silenced, jailed…or worse. It’s not just about culture. It’s about something far, far more serious.

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