New Scoop Alleges ‘Batman & Robin’ Star George Clooney Replaces Michael Keaton As Bruce Wayne At The End of ‘The Flash’

Batman-Superman works alone
Batman (George Clooney) quips "Superman works alone" in Batman & Robin (1997)

The Flash has undergone a multitude of reshoots in a short period of time and makes good use of the Multiverse as it is no secret there will be cameos – and maybe some blood. What’s less certain is the status of the film’s primary Bruce Wayne played by Michael Keaton. More and more reports claim he has less and less to do with the plot.

Barry Allen catches hot dogs in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Considering he is a remnant of DC Films and Walter Hamada’s vision of the movie, the Batman Returns actor could get aced out altogether which the latest scoop from Syl Abdul posits. The YouTube creator hears a different Bruce Wayne may step into Keaton’s shoes, one whom no one expects nor perhaps wants. That former Bruce is George Clooney.

In a clip from his podcast, Abdul says a courthouse scene at the end of the film in which Barry’s father (Ron Livingston) is exonerated for killing his wife was changed to include a new twist. When Barry stepped out of the courthouse he was allegedly going to run into Keaton’s Bruce and Supergirl (Sasha Calle).

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That’s no longer the case as DC’s new studio boss James Gunn requested things to be taken out according to Abdul. And now, when Barry leaves the court he meets somebody else from the past in the Multiverse – that person being Clooney. Additionally, this happens apparently in order to demonstrate Barry can go to any iteration of DC that ever was — shocker!

Abdul adds the source that gave him this information was the same one who told him about Ben Affleck’s and Henry Cavill’s cameos on top of the bevy of reshoots. Each of those tidbits was corroborated by other sources although Cavill is sadly cut from The Flash now that he is no longer part of the DCU.

Batman says goodnight

Batman (George Clooney) punches thug out in Batman & Robin (1997)

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Clooney’s cameo as the Bruce Wayne Barry ultimately finds is touted as a mystery saved for the end of the film. It’ll also supposedly act as a catalyst for some mandate of Gunn’s that “the Multiverse is open” and official — inspiring Abdul to joke Bat Nipples and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ice pun spouting Mr. Freeze have become canon, if there was any doubt.

The iciest thing about Batman & Robin is it was such a disappointment that it sent the franchise to the cooler for eight years until Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale came along. Clooney has disowned his involvement with it but bringing him back, despite the massive trolling it’d be labeled, is the kind of stunt Gunn isn’t above pulling.

George Clooney-partners

Bruce (George Clooney) accepts partners in Batman & Robin (1997)

Gunn did recently respond to a number of inquiries about George Clooney, but he never addressed whether or not he would cameo in The Flash.

When asked if Gunn was casting Clooney as the new main DCU Batman, Gunn responded, “Absolutely not.”

James Gunn Twitter

Gunn would also reply to another user who questioned, “Does this mean were still getting an actor who has already batman or were getting a new actor all together?”

He replied, “New actor.”

James Gunn Twitter

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