Entertainment Industry Ramps Up Its Hatred Of Christians In Lead Up To Easter

Artwork mocking Jesus Christ and Christianity.
'Second Coming: Trinity' (2023), artwork by Richard Pace.

Easter is almost here. And that means the entertainment industry’s hatred for Christians is higher than normal. Hollywood, of course, has been doing its part through its various mediums. But the comic book industry is getting in on the act as well.

Tweet from @AhoyComicMags with text and artwork that mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Official Ahoy Comics (@AhoyComicMags) Twitter Account

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On March 29, IGN reported on the forthcoming Second Coming: Trinity #1 from Ahoy Comics. The far-left entertainment site gleefully reported on “[t]he wacky superhero satire” comic book that features Jesus as “a reluctant babysitter.” Second Coming: Trinity is the third volume of the Second Coming series by writer Mark Russell.

Ahoy Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer told IGN that, “If you haven’t read a Second Coming series and you think you know what it is, I guarantee you do not.” He added that the series is “a wise, kind, and funny piece of work.” The article argues “that while this is definitely a satire series, Second Coming makes a point of celebrating spirituality rather than demeaning it.”

Tweet from @AhoyComicMags with text and artwork that mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Official Ahoy Comics (@AhoyComicMags) Twitter Account

And yet previous entries in the series paint quite a different picture than that. Past interviews with Russell also reveal him offering comments that oddly sound like they are the opposite of “celebrating spirituality” (at least when it comes to Christianity). And so does the copy on distributor Simon & Schuster’s page for Second Coming: Only Begotten Son, which notes that Russell is a “GLAAD and Eisner Award-winning writer.”

Finally, the IGN article itself offers a pretty heavy indicator of what the true nature and purpose of the series is when it reveals that, “Second Coming: Trinity #1 will be released on Wednesday, April 5, purposely timed to the Easter holiday.”

Tweet from Variety promoting an Easter Sunday drag march.

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The Alphabet is always attacking Christianity, and so it’s no surprise that its hatred is especially strong during Holy Week. And since Hollywood and sodomy are attached at the hip it’s also unsurprising that a “drag march” is “[s]et for Easter Sunday in West Hollywood.” The perverted event will “feature performances” by stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Public officials are also scheduled to attend.

The far-left Variety ended its coverage of the forthcoming deviant event by claiming that, “In response to growing rhetoric supported by the Christian Nationalist movement deeming LGBTQ+ people ‘unsafe’ for families, Drag March will be held on Easter Sunday with members of faith groups joining to show their support of the LGBTQ community.”

Universal Pictures took a shot at Christians on March 22 with its release of the final trailer for the hilariously bad-looking Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage as Dracula and some guy named Nicholas Hoult as Renfield. As the trailer starts, Dracula tells Renfield that he “will make a very good assistant.”

A priest objects to this. “No! He’s evil. We will protect you. You have the word of the most trusted institution on Earth: the Catholic Church!” Renfield shoots the priest a skeptical look. Dracula then turns to dust and flies into the priest’s mouth as Renfield winces at it and the aftermath.

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Multiple entertainment outlets giddily reported on Praying For Armageddon, a supposed documentary that puts forth the twin laughable notions that evangelical Christians want Armageddon to occur, and that they wield power in America. On March 20, Deadline screeched that the “New Documentary Shows How American Evangelicals Are ‘Praying For Armageddon’ And Pulling The Levers Of Power To Achieve It.”

And on March 25 Variety went with: “‘Praying For Armageddon’ Review: A Chilling Look At The Pastors, Politicians and Power Brokers Agitating for Apocalypse, Now.” The post offers glowing coverage of the documentary, and deems it “a glossy, persuasive and increasingly alarming documentary exposing the influence of the fundamentalist Christian lobby on US politics.”

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Finally, on March 31, Variety reported that production has started in Sydney, Australia on Prosper, a series about the “Corruption of Religious Power.” Which religion might that be? Is it REDACTED? Or REDACTED? Or what about REDACTED? Of course not. It’s about a dastardly Christian “family with huge wealth that builds a powerful mega-church.”

The series “follows the founding family of an Australian church as it is poised to break into the U.S. and harvest yet more wealth and power,” according to Variety. “But, while preaching a message of faith, love and acceptance to their followers, behind closed doors the Quinn the family is protecting shameful secrets.”

Tweet from MRCTV on NBC series 'Quantum Leap' featuring a Christian villain.

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Complaining about how the entertainment industry portrays Christians during Easter or any other time is useless. After all, the negative portrayal is the whole point. Instead, the only reasonable response is to stop supporting any product the industry produces. Support alternative creators and their stories instead. They’ll provide engaging tales and will greatly appreciate your support.

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