Netflix Eager To Alienate Even More Customers With “Gay U.S. Marine Drama” ‘The Corps’

A Gab AI-generated image of a U.S. marine wearing a pink t-shirt underneath multicam jacket.
AI-generated artwork of a marine wearing a pink t-shirt (2023), (Gabby). For illustration purposes only.

Netflix is gearing up to alienate even more customers, with recent news revealing that it is moving forward with The Corps, a series about a “gay” American marine.

A Gab AI-generated image of a U.S. marine wearing a pink helmet.

AI-generated artwork of a marine wearing a pink helmet (2023), (Gabby). For illustration purposes only.

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On May 1, an article in The Hollywood Reporter announced that a “Gay U.S. Marine Drama From Norman Lear [Is] a Go at Netflix.” According to the article, “The streamer has ordered 10 episodes of The Corps, a drama that will follow . . . a bullied gay teen who joins the Marines with his straight best friend.”

On top of this, the series will be set in the dreadful year of 1990, “a pre-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era when being gay in the military could mean jail time or worse.” Oh, the horrors of a time not-so-long-ago when America held onto the last remnants of a sense of morality.

A THR tweet of news that Netflix is producing 'The Corps,' a series about a "gay U.S. marine."

The Hollywood Reporter Twitter account

Netflix further detailed in their press release that the logline for the series states, “Set in 1990, The Corps (WT) is about Cameron, a bullied, gay high school student who joins the Marine Corps with his straight best friend, Ray — a dangerous move when being gay in the military meant jail time or worse. As these two friends plunge into Marine Corps boot camp, where the landmines are both literal and metaphorical, they join a platoon of young men on a harrowing journey of transformation.”

It goes on to explain that Cameron Cope, played by Miles Heizer, “is a charming underdog — a gay, bullied teenager living in a chaotic home with his narcissistic mom — he impulsively joins the Marines with his straight best friend in hopes that he’ll finally be made into a ‘real man.’

Miles Heizer

And while military leaders and the rest of Big Sodomy will undoubtedly think this is a great idea, many Americans will not. In fact, it will be yet one more Netflix product that they dislike. Some customers might even carefully consider whether they want to keep paying for all the sewage the streamer is pumping out.

The Corps will also be Hollywood’s second “gay” marine drama within a year (or so). THR reviewed The Inspection in September 2022, describing it as a “drama of a resilient spirit rising above entrenched homophobia.” And similar to The Corps, The Inspection is set “during the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ era.”

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Additionally, astute observers will recognize The Corps as being one of the latest offerings from Hollywood featuring the everyone-is-a-sodomite trend. Astute observers will also recognize it as being one of the latest Hollywood offerings that undermines the American military.

For those who aren’t familiar with the latter, one only needs to take a trip back to the earlier part of the millennium.

During the height of America’s post-9/11 wars, when troops were in Afghanistan, Iraq (where the author of this post served), and many other locations, Hollywood cranked out as much content as it could that portrayed U.S. war efforts (and troops) in a less-than-favorable light.

Some of the garbage included Syriana (2005), In the Valley of Elah (2007), Lions for Lambs (2007), Redacted (2007), Rendition (2007), Body of Lies (2008), Stop-Loss (2008), and Green Zone (2010). Redacted is particularly noteworthy because a jihadist claimed it played a role in his decision to murder two U.S. airmen.

An actor plays make-believe in Brian De Palma's terrible movie, 'Redacted.'

‘Redacted’ (2007), Magnolia Pictures

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So The Corps sounds like it will fit in perfectly well with what Hollywood has regularly produced about the American military over the decades. And while the propaganda has been extremely effective to the point of it having contributed to the deterioration of the armed forces, there are still a surprisingly large number of everyday Americans who resist it.

Regardless of how many people it alienates, The Corps certainly won’t be the last of its kind. After all, Hollywood and Big Sodomy are passionately dedicated to their destructive agendas.

A 2022 U.S. Marine Corps tweet supporting "Pride Month."

Official U.S. Marine Corps Twitter account

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