There is an update on the supposed ending of The Flash and the post-credit scene that follows. For those in the dark, YouTuber and podcaster Syl Abdul has maintained for months that George Clooney has a surprise cameo as Bruce Wayne, standing in for Michael Keaton, the primary Batman of the Multiverse-shattering story whom the marketing focuses on.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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More recently, Abdul covered and deconstructed the scoop by Twitter account CanWeGetSomeToast which asserts there is also a scene between Flash and Aquaman that establishes a new and yet-to-be-identified Batman while simultaneously erasing the Snyderverse continuity. Abdul countered that claim a little, but it wasn’t the end of things as the account is back with more.

CanWeGetSomeToast seemingly didn’t get any of the crunchy stuff with some jam, so they returned to the breakfast counter to pick up a fresh order and share more intel at the same time. This small addendum to their previous post seeks to confirm the Clooney cameo and add clarification to what they had to say about the Barry Allen and Arthur Curry exchange.

Can We Get Toast1

The Flash’s ending details shared by CanWeGetSomeToast via Twitter

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Urging everyone to read the “more accurate details” at their own risk, the hungry and Toasty scooper shared them in images of text behind a wall of age restriction. First, the post claims the scene between Barry and Clooney’s Bruce will show the former’s comment, “You’re not Batman!” Stunned, the Batman sans Robin replies, “Barry, what’s wrong with you?”

This reaction is due to the fact no one is meant to know who Batman really is in any universe. And, make no mistake, every Earth and timeline has a Dark Knight according to the post-credit scene. From the second image, we learn Barry talks to Arthur about that just as Abdul covered. However, there’s a little more to it.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Michael Keaton) is ready to get nuts in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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The scene is more for laughs and doesn’t actually hinge on the existing Batman in the Multiverse, seen or unseen. In it, a drunk Aquaman learns of them and the Multiversity principle, which impelled him to ask about himself. Barry verifies there is at least one other Aquaman out there by saying Arthur is “the same furry, friendly guy.”

What Barry doesn’t mention is Arthur was a dog in the Flashpoint universe. Arthur then falls into a puddle and lies there facedown as his “home is right here” in the water. He then gives Barry his ring containing his suit requesting “more beer.” The status of the Snyderverse isn’t addressed nor is a new Batman named.

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

The fate of the former being somewhat up in the air might be a good sign, but the whole thing going out on a joke can’t be the ending most people want if this scoop can be trusted. Either way, tell us your opinion on it down below.

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