A new rumor claims to reveal the main villains for James Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy film.

Action Comics #775 (2001), DC Comics

This rumor comes from YouTuber and scooper Grace Randolph, who shared during a recent livestream that Superman will face off against The Authority.

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Randolph relayed, “I did hear, by the way, a rumor that it is going to be Superman vs. The Authority right off the bat, which I hope is not true ’cause that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“To me that just sounds like a really bad DC movie, but from like the old regime,” she continued. “So like nothing changed.”

“I think that to have a Superman story up against The Authority, which is a weird group that I don’t feel gels with Superman whatsoever, but it is very James Gunn though. So I really hope that is incorrect,” she opined.

The Authority in The Authority #2 (1999), DC Comics

This rumor from Randolph follows up one from The Hollywood Reporter that claims the film would indeed introduce a number of the members of The Authority.

Their report noted that the film is casting “members of supergroup The Authority, which are to be introduced in the movie.”

Shortly after that rumor made the rounds, scooper Daniel RPK via ComicBookMovie.com claimed that the members of The Authority that would be introduced in the film would be Jack Hawksmoor, The Doctor, and Angela Spica.

The Authority in The Authority #2 (1999), DC Comics

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Introducing The Authority in Superman: Legacy does sound like something James Gunn would do. The director has made a name for taking on lesser known teams and bringing them to the big screen as evidenced by Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad.

But maybe more to the point is the fact that Gunn previously explained to The Hollywood Reporter that he would be using flagship characters to introduce lesser known characters.

He revealed that the first chapter of the DCU would “take our diamond characters, which is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and we use them to prop up other characters that people don’t know.”

Fellow DC Studios CEO Peter Safran added, “To build those lesser known properties into the diamond properties of tomorrow.”

Director James Gunn attends the Seoul Photocall and Popup Event for Marvel Studios’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 in Seoul, South Korea on April 18, 2023. Photo by Ho Chang.

The catch with that is The Authority was the second film announced as part of Gunn’s DCU Gods and Monsters slate after Superman: Legacy. If Gunn and Safran were indeed trying to introduce lesser known characters and properties through a diamond character such as Superman the only option for them to introduce The Authority would be in Superman: Legacy at least on film.

It’s possible they could introduce them in Waller, Creature Commandos, or Lanterns. However, neither Waller nor Creature Commandos is really a diamond property. And outside of DC Comics fans it’s hard to see Hal Jordan or John Stewart as diamond properties on the level of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

On top of those three properties being the only ones that are expected to come out before The Authority film, they are all also going to be TV properties. One would think they would introduce the characters for their second big film in another film rather than on TV.

All Star Superman #1 (2006), DC Comics

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While Randolph doesn’t think that Superman gels well with The Authority there is an opportunity to adapt Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, and Lee Bermejo’s “What’s so funny about Truth, Justice & The American Way?” that debuted in Action Comics #775.

The series saw Superman face off against an organization called The Elite and pushed Superman to his limits, but at the end of the day he stayed true to his morals and principles and shared that he doesn’t like his heroes ugly.

Rather he informs The Elite’s leader Manchester Black, “I swear until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share I’ll never stop fighting.”

Action Comics #775 (2001), DC Comics

What do you make of this latest rumor? What do you think about Superman potentially facing off against The Authority?

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