Sound of Freedom producer and actor Eduardo Verástegui recently responded to a CNN guest Mike Rothschild who bashed the film and moviegoers during a recent segment of the channel’s CNN Tonight program.

Eduardo Verástegui as Paul and Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard in Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

Rothschild first took issue with the film’s star Jim Caviezel stated, “You have a lot of people who are in this world of QAnon who say they don’t know what that is, they’ve never heard of it, they are just asking questions. With somebody like Jim Caviezel, he is openly embracing it.”

“He is openly using its catch phrases and its concepts,” Rothschild continued. “He’s speaking at QAnon conventions. And this film is being marketed to either specific QAnon believers or people who believe all the same tenets of QAnon, but claim they don’t know what it is.”

Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

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After deriding the film and Caviezel, Rothschild then admitted, “The most durable and the most believable conspiracy theories are not entirely false. There is something in them that is true and the rest of that is false. But the believers point to the one true thing and they say, ‘Oh you don’t believe this particular thing is true.'”

“In terms of child trafficking, we know trafficking is real, we know it has real victims. No one is denying that,” he admitted.

Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

He then took issue with Sound of Freedom specifically, “But these films are created out of moral panics. They are created out of bogus statistics. They are created out of fear. And with something like Sound of Freedom it’s specifically looking at QAnon concepts of these child trafficking rings that are run by these high level elites and only people like Tim Ballard and only people like Jim Caviezel, and by extension the ticket buyer can help bring these trafficking rings down.”

He concluded, “So, there’s a very participatory element. You’re not just going to see a movie, killing two hours on a hot day. You are helping bring down these pedophile rings and save children. Now, it’s not true, but it’s very comforting and it’s very warm feeling to have.”

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Verástegui responded to Rothschild’s comments during an appearance on the War Room with Steve Bannon telling him, “I’m glad that at least they are in your face. So there’s evidence who wants to support a movement that is designed to end child trafficking and who doesn’t. So it’s right there in your face.”

“And people know what’s going,” he continued. “And they know there is a lot of people involved in this crime, everywhere. When we talk about more than $150 billion business that means there is a lot of people involved in this crime.

Eduardo Verástegui as Paul in Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

He then said, “And for someone to say, you know, ‘Don’t go see this movie. Don’t waste your time.’ I mean, come on. For someone to say this is just Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel, that is just not true. There are thousands of people involved in this movement. More than three million people went to see this film this week.”

“And I’ve been getting calls from Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Argentina,” Verástegui detailed. “Every day my phone is like — it’s hot right now. So many phone calls. ‘When is the movie coming out here? When is the movie?— Asia, Europe. I mean this is a global movement. CNN is not going to stop this. I’m sorry, but CNN Is not going to stop this movement. There is no way they’re going to stop this movement. It’s too late, Steve. It’s too late. You know what? They tried, but it’s too late.”

Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard and Javier Godino as Jorge in Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

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“They can take me. They can take Tim. They can take Jim. They can take you,” he asserted. “They cannot take millions of millions of people that are tired. They already said enough is enough is enough. No! Don’t mess with the children. And people are angry.”

“And I’m just so glad, it’s a privilege for me that God used broken instruments, broken instruments like me, like [Sound of Freedom director] Alejandro [Monteverde], like you, and we’re being used by Him,” he said.

Eduardo Verástegui as Paul in Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

Later in the interview, Verástegui made it clear who the film is targeting while also revealing how he was called to make the film, “This is the globalists. They have a perfect distribution of drugs, human trafficking. These guys, they’re powerful people. And that’s what they told me from the beginning, ‘Are you sure you want to do this, Eduardo?’ And I remember when Tim Ballard said to me, ‘Eduardo, before you commit to this, I have to be very honest with you. We have a lot of friends. Thank God, we have a lot of friends, but we have a lot of enemies. And those enemies will be yours. We share them with you. Are you sure you want to fight this with us?'”

“It was a calling, man. When God asks you to do something you can’t say no. You have to go. You have to say yes. And you know what? Regardless of the consequences. It doesn’t matter. So, yes, we are fighting against this big, big powerful people, but God is more powerful. And God’s children are not for sale. And I know his hand is in this movement.

Eduardo Verástegui as Paul in Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

What do you make of Verástegui’s response to CNN?

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