Bloomberg writer Noah Berlatsky, who recently penned an article attacking Sound of Freedom and moviegoers attending the film, was quickly exposed as a pro-pedophilia activist.

Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

The article titled “QAnon and Sound of Freedom Both Rely on Tired Hollywood Tropes” attacks the film as a QAnon dog whistle.

Berltasky wrote, “So, is Sound of Freedom a QAnon dog whistle, or is it just another thriller? The answer is that — whatever the filmmaker’s intentions — it functions as both. These narratives do little to help victims. But they can create coalitions of feeling, disgust and righteous rage that connect conservative conspiracy theorists with the mainstream. That’s why Trump’s screening it. And that’s why its popularity is ominous.”

Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

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Following the publication of the article, Berlatsky was exposed as a pro-pedophilia activist. The Post Millennial Senior Editor Andy Ngo shared to Twitter, “The person who wrote this Bloomberg opinion piece is leftist activist Noah Berlatsky. He was the spokesperson for M.A.P. (minor-attracted person) advocacy group, Prostasia. In 2017, he tweeted that pedophiles are a stigmatized group who get designated as deviants for hateful purposes.”

Andy Ngo Twitter

Ngo also revealed that Berlatsky believes that sex offender registries are racist and that he appears to be abusing his own child by citing an Insider article where Berlatsky declares “my daughter is transgender.”

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Ngo also shared an article Berlatsky wrote for Prostasia where he claims that “most of these underage trafficking victims are not kidnapped or coerced pimps.”

Ngo tweeted, “Former “M.A.P.” advocacy spokesperson Noah Berlatsky also wrote this essay about the autonomy of child sex workers. He said that most child trafficking victims are not coerced.”

Twitter user Aristos_Revenge also shared screenshots of Berlatsky’s previous articles and tweets. In one screencap Berlatsky wrote an article in 2016 and published in The New Republic titled “Child Sex Workers’ Biggest Threat: The Police.”

One tweet from Berlatsky reads, “Parents are tyrants. ‘parent’ is an oppressive class, like rich people or white people.”

Artistos_Revenge Twitter

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YouTuber Ryan Kinel reacted to Berlatsky getting exposed stating, “You can’t make this up. This guy’s a little pedo activist. That’s what this piece of s**t is. He is the one writing Bloomberg articles s***ting on Sound of Freedom. You cannot make this up. This is outlandish.”

“This dude is a degenerate f***ing freak,” Kinel declared. “There’s no other way around it. These are the types of people that are attacking Sound of Freedom. That are trying to tell you that, ‘Child trafficking is just a conspiracy theory, guys. You really shouldn’t watch anything like that.'”

Kinel continued, “This is someone who is advocating abusing children, advocating child trafficking. You cannot make this s**t up. This is the type of person that the mainstream media is utilizing to try to combat Sound of Freedom.”

“Guess what? It’s not going to work,” Kinel asserted. “This thing is a massive success and no amount of pedophiles that try to convince you that it’s actually okay, that they’re just a stigmatized group. No, this dude is a disgusting piece of human s**t. F**k him. And f**k anybody that is trying to convince people that, “Oh, it’s really not a big deal, guys.'”

Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard in Sound of Freedom (2023), Angel Studios

What do you make of Bloomberg unleashing Berlatsky to attack Sound of Freedom given his very public pro-pedophilia activism?

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