Ethan Van Sciver: Perverts Like Emily Drabinski Want “To Reprogram Your Children” Through Perverse Sexual Comic Books That Are Being Used As Propaganda

Ethan Van Sciver via ComicArtistPro Secrets YouTube

Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver recently asserted that perverts at Scholastic and the American Library Association are attempting “to reprogam your children” through comic books.

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In a recent video upload to his ComicArtistPro Secrets YouTube channel, Van Sciver covered a recent article at Bleeding Cool reporting that Ohio parents want to remove a sexually graphic pro-Sodomy book titled Heartstopper from Scholastic Book Fairs in the Little Miami School District.

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Before he gets to the specifics, Van Sciver asserts, “The industry that’s been hijacked and is now being used and subverted, trying to reach your kids where your kids naturally go. And that’s the whole thing. You wonder why so much attention is being paid to Disney movies, and video games, and comic books. Well, that’s because these people are interested in your kids.

“They know they can’t change your minds, right,” he explained. “They’re out to reprogram your children and they figure among those battlegrounds that they need to fight are the comic book industry.”

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The Cyberfrog: Dark Harvest creator then explains, “So basically, the American Library Association in conjunction with, I’m afraid, Scholastic Book Fairs–. The Scholastic Book Fairs are interesting because for the last 10 years a lot of really strange comic books have been able to make a living. A lot of these creatives have been able to make a living by using, by selling to Scholastic Book Fairs. Because if you can get Scholastic to carry your comic book, you’re selling right to kids who are basically a sitting duck. They’re sitting targets.”

He continued, “These Scholastic Book Fairs, the buses come around, the kids bring home catalogues of books that they can order, kids who ordinarily probably wouldn’t order any books at all are getting to go these Scholastic Book Fairs and get books their parents pay for them. So, automatically, there’s money coming in. There’s an audience of kids who, if they weren’t on the Scholastic Book Fair bus, they’d be sitting in class, so they’re quite happy to be on that bus. And, of course, once it was realized that there was this audience here, it didn’t take long for the perverts to come in and start putting things like this, Heartstopper, here.”

Heartstopper: Volume 1 (2020), Graphix

From there, Van Sciver discusses how a number of parents are rightfully taking issue with books like Heartstopper. FOX 19 reports one parent, Silas Shelton, informed them, “It’s more than foul language. There’s so much sexual innuendo, especially in Heartstopper.”

Shelton added, “You’ve got these kids that are having to think about things they really shouldn’t be thinking about at all.”

Product description and product details for Heartstopper: Volume 1 via

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FOX 19 also reported that another parent, David Wallace wrote a letter to the School Board taking issue with the language used in the book and noted how students would not be allowed to use the language at school. In his letter, Wallace stated, “I am writing to ask that you cease all scheduled Scholastic book fairs in our district until an independent team can determine that the books made available to the youngsters of Little Miami are age appropriate and in accordance with Little Miami values and policies.”

He continued, “On the evening of Tuesday, August 22, I was in attendance when a member of our community stood up and addressed the board about a questionable book ‘Heartstopper’ Volumes 1 & 2, currently being sold to Little Miami’s middle school students via the Scholastic book fair. The resident brought his concerns to you, the board members, in the hope that this book would be removed from the shelf. You did not. Not only did you not seem to hear and take seriously this individual’s complaint, these books were still available to our students the following school day, I know this because I went and purchased them.”

David Wallace via Fox19NOW

“To say I was shocked by the language and content of these graphic novels would be a gross understatement. In the hands of an adult, fine. In the hands of students in grades 6th thru 8th, I can only describe these books as propaganda,” he asserted. “It is my opinion that you have been negligent protecting our students from books that many families would find offensive in our community.

I implore you to do the right thing and that this letter is not dismissed as readily as you dismissed the concerned parent that spoke to you at the August meeting,” he concluded.

Fox 19’s Simone Jameson and Jared Goffinet confirmed the book includes “intimate scenes and expletives.”

Heartstopper: Volume 2 (2020), Graphix

After briefly discussing Silas’ objections, Van Sciver notes books like Heartstopper are being specifically aimed at children by individuals like Emily Drabinski, the President of the American Library Association.

As Van Sciver points out, Drabisnki described herself as a “Marxist lesbian” back in April 2022 in a now-deleted tweet. The Federalist reported Drabisnki wrote, “I just cannot believe that a Marxist lesbian who believes that collective power is possible to build and can be wielded for a better world is the president-elect of American Library Association. I am so excited for what we will do together. Solidarity! And my mom is SO PROUD I love you mom.”

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The Green Lantern artist then points out, “These are the people who are placing books, ordering books, who are supporting radicals who are putting product books, literature in your publicly funded school libraries and then, again, in these Scholastic Book Fairs.”

From there, he cites Drabinksi’s own comments from her ‘Teaching the Radical Catalog’ where she revealed, “At Sarah Lawrence, absolutely everybody was queer. … There were so many ways to be gay. … And it was my job to teach those students how to find themselves in our library catalog.”

Van Sciver states, “These are your kids. It’s her job to teach your kids how to be gay. There’s so many ways. She wants to help your child to learn some of the many ways to be queer and gay.”

Emily Drabinski via Emily Drabinski YouTube

Next, Van Sciver would discuss Wallace’s letter and specifically the parent’s assertion that the book is propaganda. He said, “No kidding. We just proved to you that these are intentionally propaganda. They are serving a purpose, and they are serving an agenda. Of course they are. Of course they’re serving an agenda. It’s ridiculous to assume otherwise.”

He then listed off a number of books, “Books like Gender Queer. Books like This Book is Gay. Tony Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. All of these books are appearing right now in libraries and these Scholastic book trucks, book fairs. It’s not accident. It’s no coincidence.”

Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe and Phoebe Kobabe (2022), Oni Press

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Van Sciver then insinuated that individuals like Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool are trying to whip up fear to turn people against the parents by labeling them as book banners, “The idea is to kind of get people to turn against these parents and say that, ‘look, you should be disgusted by them. There they go again, these staunchly conservative hicks from America’s flyover county who don’t have an education or sophistication of the smarter elites like [Emily Drabinski].”

He continued, “‘And, you know, look, [Drabinski’s] just trying to make your children won’t grow up to be just as backwards as you are. After all don’t you know. Look, remember World War II when book bans were the precursor to the rise of Nazism. This person’s just trying to protect you, and protect us, and our civilization against Nazism. And there’s no agenda here after all.’ That’s the lie that they tell. And this is the emotional feedback loop that they’re hoping to create.”

Ethan Van Sciver via Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube

Later in the video, Van Sciver states, “What I am not [is] somebody who supports an agenda to altar and reprogram children at the taxpayer expense. Obviously, [Dabinski] is kind of crossing a lot of lines and barriers and I think that they know it. They are excited about the prospect of getting to your children.”

He continued, “All of these books, and I’m proud to see it happening. I like to see it happening. I like to see that the books are being scrutinized. Books like this do not belong in public school libraries. They shouldn’t be in Scholastic Book Fairs. They just shouldn’t be there. It’s crazy. It’s disgusting. It’s insane and it does bother me very much that the comic book industry that I liove is being used as a tool of propaganda by creeps like [Dabinski] to really hurt and confuse your children. F [Dabisnki]. F Bleeding Cool for their ridiculous article.”

Hal Jordan rebukes Parallax in Green Lantern: Rebirth (2005), DC Comics

Van Sciver then shared, “We’ve got children getting through elementary school who have trouble reading, who don’t know history, who don’t know basic math, but their being taught perverse sexual practices like fisting and oral sex. And that seems to be what the agenda is here. That is the focus of these people. It is peculiar. It is strange. It is beyond a waste of our taxpayer money and time.

“As parents I’m proud of [David Wallace]. Stand up and oppose this at every turn. Let’s put a stop to this,” he concluded.

Ethan Van Sciver via Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

What do you make of Van Sciver’s comments? What do you make of Scholastic pushing these books on children? What do you make of the Ohio school board?

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