Angel Studios, the distributor of Sound of Freedom and producer of The Chosen announced they will produce a brand new anime-inspired series titled Gabriel and the Guardians.

Gabriel and the Guardians (TBA), Angel Studios

In a press release, Angel Studios detailed the series “is an anime-influenced series set in the enchanting world of Ara, where Celestial beings, mortals, and dark giants collide in a battle for destiny and light.”

They added, “Inspired by ancient Hebrew scriptures, Gabriel and the Guardians is an epic fantasy series that tells the journey of Gabriel, a Celestial being from an unseen realm. With unyielding optimism, Gabriel never backs down and inspires his friends through enchanting adventures of truth and self-discovery.”

Gabriel and the Guardians (TBA), Angel Studios

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The show’s creator Jason Moody also stated, “Just like Tolkien’s Middle Earth is influenced by Northern European mythos, our fantasy world of Ara is shaped by the lore and mythos found in ancient Hebrew writings  and Mesopotamian cultures.”

Angel Studios also released a teaser trailer for the series:

On the company’s website, Angel Studios details that not only will they be producing the anime, but will also produce a manga book series.

They also provide further details about the various characters in the series. First, they provide some details about Gabriel, “Unleash your spirit of hope with Gabriel, who with unyielding optimism, never backs down and inspires all with his unshakable identity. Watch as Gabriel’s inspiring influence ignites hearts, leading him and his friends on an enchanting adventure of truth and self-discovery.”

Gabriel and the Guardians (TBA), Angel Studios

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Next is Namay’ah, “Meet Namay’ah, the cunning alchemist and princess of Qayinara. Longing to mend her fractured family, she faces the darkness in search of her lost brother and must make a crucial choice: embrace the shadow of her royal lineage or surrender herself to the hope of truth.”

Finally, there is Nok, “Meet Nok, bold and boastful, who has a desire to be faithful in the ways of the Bekohrah Clerics, but vengeance consumes him. Nok’s path entails discovering the true purpose of his people’s light—to illuminate the world beyond their borders. As Nok learns that he can’t let his past trauma dictate his choices, he uncovers a destiny that transcends his personal vendetta and embarks on an epic journey of growth, redemption, and the revelation of a radiant truth in a world filled with wonder and discovery.”

Gabriel and the Guardians (TBA), Angel Studios

Moody and fellow creator David Evan Cunningham went into further detail on a livestream about the various characters, which you can see below.

The voice cast for the anime-inspired series includes veteran Johnny Yong Bosch as Gabriel, James Arnold Taylor as Malachros, and Matt Lanter as Nok.

Johnny Yong Bosch is known for his work as Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, Kaneda in Akira, Zora in Black Clover, Nate in Yo-kai Watch, Orga Itsuka in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and Genma Shiranui in Naruto: Shippuden.

James Arnold Taylor is known for his work as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Johnny Test in Johnny Test, Leonardo in the 2007 TMNT series, and various voices in Batman: The Brace and the Bold including Green Arrow and Guy Gardner.

Matt Lanter is known for voicing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, various voices in Ultimate Spider-Man including Agent Venom, Harry Osborn, and Flash Thompson. He also played Liam Court on 90210 and George Hutchence in Jupiter’s Legacy.

Gabriel and the Guardians (TBA), Angel Studios

Angel Studios’ Chief Content Officer Jeffrey Harmon commented on the series, “Anime is a growing market around the world, and the Angel Guild has expressed incredible excitement about this series.”

He added, “We are excited to step into this market, bringing what we believe to be the first equity crowdfunded anime-influenced series to life.”

The show will be animated by Qayinara Animation Inc.

Gabriel and the Guardians (TBA), Angel Studios

Are you interested in checking out Gabriel And The Guardians?

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