There is nothing but good news to report about the Apple TV Plus series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. First off, the trailer dropped this week, giving us a better idea of the story and a premiere date. Secondly, that date isn’t far off so it won’t be adversely affected by the ongoing actor and writer strikes.

Screenshot-Anna M Sawai

Anna Sawai in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters via Apple TV+

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That is according to the renowned publication TV Guide by way of Twitter/X kaiju news account @GormaruIsland. The former released a fall preview of the MonsterVerse series that offers new details and perspectives from the show’s creators. Executive producer Tory Tunnell indicates the line between “figurative” and “literal” monsters will blur, meaning people might be as dangerous as Titans.

As far as what Titans, old and new, we shall see throughout Legacy of Monsters’ run, the director of the series premiere, Matt Shakman, does not want to spoil the surprise. We know we will see Godzilla and possibly the MUTOs since the series picks up directly after the events of the 2014 Godzilla movie that started it all.

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The trailer showed us some new monsters that might be residents of Skull Island. That opens the door for Kong to make an appearance, which TV Guide’s preview notes, but the focus probably won’t shift far from Godzilla. For now, the Eighth Wonder Of The World has to remain one of those surprises Shakman wants viewers to excitedly await.

Someone else who has been to Skull Island will reach out beyond the grave to continue his “Legacy” and move the plot forward. Founder of Monarch and John Goodman character Bill Randa and the footage of his exhibition to the uncharted isle resurface – leading our main protagonist to go looking for answers. Played by Anna Sawai, her name is Cate.

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Cate is a survivor of the 2014 Titan rumble in San Francisco who goes to Japan in search of her “MIA father” in the aftermath. There, she finds out about her family ties to the secret organization in the business of monsters. She additionally learns of a “shocking betrayal” that leads her and her half-brother to Monarch agent Lee Shaw.

Played by Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt, Shaw was there at the first attempt to kill Godzilla with a nuclear weapon in the 1950s. In the present, he has knowledge he is about to share with Cate which Monarch considers a threat. Whatever his secret is, if it is terrible for the organization, Shaw may prove humans are the real monsters, after all.

John Goodman's Legacy

The last will and testament of Bill Randa (John Goodman) in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters via Apple TV+

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will debut in grand fashion on November 17th by dropping its first two episodes directed by Shakman. It will be late for Godzilla Day on the 3rd, but new episodes will premiere every Friday through January 12th according to X’s other kaiju news guy, K-D-M. This time frame coincides with the release window of Godzilla -1.0.

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