A Robin is rumored to be in the mix for The Batman – Part II, and not just any Robin, but the first one. According to a rumor, Dick Grayson will be in the sequel as a setup for the Boy Wonder in some way. This may come across as counterintuitive considering Matt Reeves is telling a supposedly grounded story.

George Clooney as Batman and Chris O’Donnell as Robin in Batman & Robin (1997), Warner Bros. Pictures

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There’s that and the fact Robert Pattinson plays Bruce Wayne at the beginning of his career without many attachments to hold his mission back. However, scooper MyTimeToShineHello claims to know Robin is in Part II — Grayson, specifically. How that will work under Reeves’ guidance is anyone’s guess, but there are at least two directions he can go.

One is a little heavy-handed and could turn into a rushed job. Like Batman Forever, Dick could be introduced, lose his parents in a circus accident, and become a faithful sidekick in under two hours — with some opposition from Bruce (perhaps). Or he could make his first appearance in the next film and progress into a hero over the course of two movies.

@MyTimeToShineH claims Robin will be in The Batman II – Part II via X

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Depending on how old Reeves makes his version of the character or if the director goes with Death In The Family as a storyline, Dick might not be old enough to enjoy life as a hero. Knowing how that arc ends, subbing him for Jason Todd’s fate would send shockwaves through Batman fandom that might change the way everyone feels about the BatVerse.

It has its detractors, but killing Dick Grayson — if Reeves is bold enough to go all the way with that — would divide even those who embraced Pattinson and The Batman. There are things in life people and creators should not do, but Reeves may go out of his way to complicate his tale by jamming as much in as possible.

The scooper also claimed Reeves is saving Clayface for the sequel — set to film in March instead of November due to the ongoing strikes. A previous rumor pegged the villain for the Penguin series, but it seems we can put that scoop behind us. In either case, to make him fit the BatVerse, the shapeshifting angle has to exit stage left.

This would mean Reeves’ Clayface is probably going to be serial killer Basil Karlo, the first Clayface, which is another rumor holding strong on social media.

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