‘Godzilla 2000’ Returns To American Theaters For Limited Engagement Ringing In Kaiju’s 69th Birthday

Godzilla unleashes his fury in Godzilla 2000 (2000), Toho

Fathom Events is bringing one more Tokusatsu showcase to our shores this year before it comes to a close, and their selection is a film that hasn’t been seen in theaters since it was released nationwide at the turn of the millennium. We’re talking about Godzilla 2000, a film that was a reaction to Hollywood’s attempt at Godzilla in 1998.

orga 2000

Orga enters battle in its second form in Godzilla 2000, Toho Co.

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It also kicked off the Millennium Era of Godzilla films that ended in 2004 after Final Wars served as the last hurrah for a decade – that is until Legendary Entertainment made their move. Godzilla 2000 is where all that started. Upon its initial release, the film managed to snag a theatrical run in the US that got Sony and Toho suits talking again.

A direct sequel for the American market where Godzilla would have gone to Hawaii and fought a bat monster partially made of lava was discussed but never green-lit. Meanwhile, in Japan, a follow-up to 2000 – Godzilla vs. Megaguirus which saw the Big G get consumed by an artificial black hole – came out shortly after the former’s American run.

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Both that and its immediate predecessor restored Godzilla to what he was and what he does best: an indestructible force of nature impervious to missiles who fights other formidable giant creatures that, like him, leave paths of destruction in their wake. In 2000, Toho returned to the tried-and-true man-in-a-suit effects as well, which true fans appreciate.

They didn’t stay away from questionable CGI, though. Orga, the mutating alien monstrosity introduced to the canon in this one, first shows up in a CG spacecraft shaped somewhat like a shell, and eventually assumes the form of a poorly rendered alien with tentacles. Absorbing Godzilla’s DNA as they fight and taking on his characteristics, it becomes more reptilian until blasted all to hell.

Fathom released a trailer for the event, and tickets are available here. As usual, the engagement is one day only, so make sure you get your tickets ASAP. Be on the lookout too for Godzilla Minus One tickets when they go on sale over on this side of the Pacific ahead of December 1st.

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