‘Snow White And The Evil Queen’ Actress Brett Cooper Says Film Will Not Be A “MAGA Conservative Movie,” Will Focus On “Timeless Values” Of Original Story

Brett Cooper as Snow White in Snow White and the Evil Queen (2024), Bentkey

Brett Copper, the actress in the upcoming Snow White and the Evil Queen film from Bentkey, a subsidiary of The Daily Wire, shared that the film will focus on the “timeless values” of the original fairy tale and will not be a “MAGA conservative movie.”

Brett Cooper makes her debut as Snow White in the trailer to Snow White and the Evil Queen (2023), Bentkey

Brett Cooper makes her debut as Snow White in the trailer to Snow White and the Evil Queen (2023), Bentkey

In a recent video upload to YouTube, Cooper reacted to a TikTok video of YouTuber Ryan Kinel noting that people “don’t want propaganda on the other side. They just want propaganda free entertainment.”

In response, Cooper stated, “And that really is the main point. We’re not trying to turn Snow White into something it’s not. We’re not trying to turn Snow White into a MAGA conservative movie. We’re just trying to represent the values that Snow White is based in. The timeless values that we all loved growing up that are sadly being forgotten in this new [Disney] adaptation.”

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Later in the video, Cooper reacted to another TikTok user sharing a reaction video to the Snow White and the Evil Queen announcement.

She said, “We don’t give a crap about being woke, but more importantly our creative team actually gives a crap about the source material. They want to tell the original story with the values and the themes that made the [Brothers Grimm] fairytale so famous and important to begin with.”

Cooper then listed out a number of the values, “Values like love, and kindness, and friendship, and inner beauty versus vanity, and romance for Pete’s sake because apparently that’s missing in 2023.”

Brett Cooper via The Comments Section with Brett Cooper YouTUbe

The actress would also respond to comments about her hair being too short given Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs featured the character with short hair.

Cooper informed her viewers, “In Disney’s animated film her hair was short, but for the Grimm story every illustration that you can find has her with long hair, which is actually more accurate for the time period, which is also something are trying to stay in line with.”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from The Jack Zipes Historic Fairy Tale Postcard Collection/Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Photo Credit: MCAD Library, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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The Daily Wire and Bentkey revealed a brief teaser for the film earlier this month that is expected to arrive on the streaming platform in 2024.

In a brief presentation before revealing the trailer, The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing stated, “Look, we know we aren’t what Disney is today, but we hope in time we might become what they were once upon a time, a little studio with big ideas and the courage to chase them.”

“Walt Disney embodied the American spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation,” he continued. “He risked everything to build his dream. One of his greatest risks and greatest achievements was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Critics at the time called it Disney’s Folly. They were certain it would be a flop. It was 400% over budget and it would bankrupted the entire company if it didn’t succeed.”

“But it did succeed. It went on to become one of the top grossing films of all time. Everything you see today from Disney was made possible by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” he added.

Walt Disney via Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

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“So there’s no better example of Disney’s disregard for their own heritage, or their disregard for their own audience than their current remake of their own classic film,” Boreing asserted. “Walt once said about Snow White, ‘To me, I thought it was the perfect story. I had the sympathetic dwarfs. I had the prince and the girl. The romance. I just thought it was a perfect story.'”

He then charged, “Unfortunately, the company Disney founded doesn’t agree with their founder and visionary. They’re remaking their own iconic film nearly a hundred years later. They’ve decided to make some key changes. Their lead actress, the new Snow White Rachel Zegler has summed it up saying, ‘I just mean it’s no longer 1937. We absolutely wrote a Snow White that she’s not going to be saved by the prince, and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love. She’s dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be, and the leader that her late father told her she could be if she was fearless, fair, brave, and true.'”

Jeremy Boreing announces Snow White and the Evil Queen via DailyWire+ YouTube

“While Disney still uses Walt’s name they’ve all but abandoned his legacy,” he noted. “Instead of telling stories about timeless truth, what the ancient fairy tales were all about, Disney’s Snow White is an apology for their past and will expose children to the popular but destructive lies of the current moment.”

“Which is why in addition to announcing the launch of our kids entertainment company, I also want to announce today that company’s first live-action feature film. It’s a story about a princess and a prince, about beauty and vanity, about love and its power to raise us from death to life. It’s our own adaptation of an ancient fairy tale. It’s coming in 2024 and it’s called [Snow White and the Evil Queen],” he concluded.

Brett Cooper via The Comments Section with Brett Cooper YouTUbe

What do you make of Cooper’s comments regarding Snow White and the Evil Queen? Do you plan on checking it out?

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