Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer Kevin Brennan Shamelessly Mocks ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry’s Death On Social Media: “I Do Love It When Junkies Die”

Matthew Perry Opens Up About His Addiction Journey: I'm Grateful to Be Alive | PEOPLE via People, YouTube / Kevin Brennan Trashes David Letterman | The Colum Tyrrell Podcast Clip via Colum Tyrrell, YouTube

Following the passing of Friends star Matthew Perry, former Saturday Night Live writer Kevin Brennan took to social media to make nasty comments about the actor’s untimely death.

Chandler (Matthew Perry) explains to Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) why the hyphen in Spider-Man matters in Friends Season 3 Episode 19 “The One With the Tiny T-Shirt” (1997), Warner Bros. Studios

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On Saturday the 28th of October Perry was confirmed dead by law enforcement after being found unresponsive in a hot tub at his home in Los Angeles.

L.A. Police Captain Scot Williams told the Los Angeles Time that the “cause of death may not be known for some time, but at this point foul play is not suspected.” A law enforcement source informed the outlet that no drugs were found at the scene. However, a source did inform them there were prescription medications discovered.

Matthew Perry: Reality Is An Acquired Taste | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) via Real Time with Bill Maher, YouTube

Brennan made a mockery of the state in which the late actor had been found, in what can be perceived as a borderline desperate attention-seeking move.

“DROWNED IN A HOT TUB. HAHAHAHA,” Brennan tastelessly wrote, as he shared TMZ’s article reporting on the tragic news.

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Upon being rightfully asked, “Why is drowning in a hot tub funny,” the former Saturday Night Live writer replied, “Because it’s not very deep.”

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Brennan would double down on his tasteless comments, sharing some of the articles written by publications who reported on the social media post he made addressing Perry’s death, as if taking pride over the negative attention he was getting.

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“MEAN SPIRITED YAHOO,” Brennan wrote as he reposted another article that called him a “washed up” comic looking to “stay relevant.” The article is not from Yahoo, however, but from The Blast. It had been syndicated to Yahoo.

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“I’m in the [New York Post] today,” Brennan seemingly gushed. “I’m going to consider retirement. This is the pinnacle. Too many people to thank.”

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Responding to another user on X, who wrote, “Here’s hoping Kevin Brennan’s podcast never makes another dime and he ends up begging for work from people who refuse to hire him,” the comedian defied, “The opposite will probably happen.”

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Brennan took another pedantic victory lap upon seeing his name on X’s Trending section, writing, “We’re doing it.”

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X user @DerektheCleric pointed out, “Lot of people bashing Kevin Brennan for making fun of Matthew Perry’s death. On the one hand, I too found it highly distasteful. On the other hand, I had no idea who Kevin Brennan was @mlcpodcast, so maybe something like this was all could do to be noticed.

Reposting the user’s comment, albeit dismissing it entirely, Brennan simply wrote, “Great picture.”

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One of the nastiest comments Brennan wrote — which he cowardly deleted in a prompt manner — was a repost of TMZ’s reporting on the former SNL writer’s own distasteful observations, clarifying, “I didn’t mock it. I just thought it was funny.”

“But I do love it when junkies die,” Brennan unashamedly concluded, alluding to Perry’s troubled past with addiction.

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Perry had struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol since he was involved in a jet ski accident in 1997, when he became addicted to Vicodin as he was dealing with the pain this particular event caused him.

The Friends star would go to rehab in 2001, Variety reports, and eventually turn his home in Malibu into a “sober living facility called the Perry House” that ran until 2015.

In 2021, during an interview with fellow Canadian broadcaster Tom Power, the Friends star declared, “The best thing about me, bar none, is that if somebody comes to me and says, ‘I can’t stop drinking, can you help me?’ I can say ‘yes’ and follow up and do it. That’s the best thing.”

“And, I’ve said this for a long time, when I die, I don’t want Friends to be the first thing that’s mentioned — I want that to be the first thing that’s mentioned,” Perry hoped at the time. “And I’m going to live the rest of my life proving that.”

Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) try out their brand-new matching recliners in Friends Season 2 Episode 15 “The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know” (1996), Warner Bros. Studios

What do you make of Brennan’s about Perry?

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