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Cassie (Dakota Johnson) realizes that a vision is about to come true in Madame Web (2024), Sony Pictures Entertainment
March 12, 2024
Sources claim that Sony Pictures is furious with Madame Web star Dakota Johnson after she disparaged the movie on Saturday Night Live.
Sydney Sweeney Monologue - SNL via Saturday Night Live YouTube channel
March 9, 2024
The roasting of Madame Web continues as star Sydney Sweeney joins her co-star Dakota Johnson and X in poking fun at the flop.
November 2, 2023
Former Saturday Night Live writer Kevin Brennan shamelessly mocks Friends star Matthew Perry on social media, following his untimely death.
May 2, 2023
The Writers Guild of America announced they went on strike beginning this morning and the strike is already improving American society as all of the late night propaganda shows have shut down.
October 20, 2022
Comedian Rob Schneider has revealed that the Democratic Party influenced his decision to flee from California to Arizona.
March 3, 2022
Saturday Night Live decided to preempt Biden’s SOTU with a skit that has been circulating social media and showcases the establishment’s abrupt shift on Covid-19 politics.
February 21, 2022
Community and SNL star Chevy Chase says he does not “give a crap” about his former co-stars accusing him of being a “jerk” on set.
November 7, 2021
Former Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Rock slams NBA star Kyrie Irving over stance on COVID-19 vaccines: “You dumb, Kyrie motherf—er!!!”
September 29, 2021
Saturday Night Live comedian Rob Schneider took to social media to encourage fellow Americans to stop “shaming and demonising” each other.
August 14, 2021
A new lawsuit claims that Jimmy Fallon was privy to Saturday Night Live cast member Horatio Sanz‘s grooming of an underage fan