An interesting thing happened this week – Covid-19 came to an end. 

We know this, because current U.S. President Joe Biden allowed attendees of his gaffe-ridden State of the Union address to show up maskless, which is a complete about-face from only a few weeks ago. During his roughly 70 minute-long address, Biden stressed that it was time for a tired and worn out America to move past Covid-19, and get back to normal as one nation. 

What a coincidence, given that his latest approval ratings have plunged to about 37%, with the majority of American voters completely dissatisfied with his performance after just a single year in office. However, Biden and the Democratic Party weren’t the only ones preparing to flip their particular script on Covid.

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Nay, Saturday Night Live decided to preempt Biden’s SOTU with a skit that has been circulating social media, and stirring up some much-deserved outrage.

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The skit in question features comedian John Mulaney, the un-funny Bizarro World version of Jerry Seinfeld, best known for a critically panned NBC sitcom that exited stage left almost precisely after it hit the airwaves. In the skit, Mulaney and friends trip headfirst into uncomfortable territory as they remark about the current state of the pandemic.

The conversation begins when one character notes that the CDC is ready to lift all masking mandates, to which Mulaney replies, “It’s so weird! It’s…it’s like Covid’s not over, but it’s just gonna’ stop. I don’t know how I feel about that.” 

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Next, one of the characters brings up a Bloomberg article which correctly asserted the inefficacy of masking mandates, which causes the tension to ramp up. Before long, the rest of the characters begin questioning whether the mainstream rhetoric surrounding Covid-19 was either necessary, or correct over the last two years.

The characters go through a grueling, humorless portion of the segment where they question whether the unvaccinated had a valid reason for their decisions, and whether their own “over-zealous” condemnation of said people was a morally acceptable thing. 

However, things truly become galling and offensive when Mulaney’s character questions whether he should have “dumped his oldest friend” over not getting vaccinated, which has been a highly contested and controversial facet of the “Left vs. Everyone” culture wars. 

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It’s stunning to hear the same people who exercised their own unearned moral superiority over others now reverse their stance at the drop of a hat. Indeed, friends were dumped. Family members were shunned. Workmates were ostracized. People did lose their jobs. Lives were ruined. All of this happened, driven exclusively from one side of the political aisle. 

The skit ends with the cast attempting to double-down on their supposed correctness over Covid policies, but the self-harm has already been done. By referencing the failures of Left-leaning institutions like the CDC, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party, SNL essentially said the quiet part out loud…with a blowhorn.

The question is, why?

Source: Bloomberg Markets & Finance, YouTube

The answer is obvious – people just aren’t into Covid anymore. Since the vaccines became available, Covid should have been over, but the political elites who became fall-down-drunk over a massive and sudden surge of unprecedented power did not want to give it up. They artificially extended Covid-19 by facilitating mass panic and fear-mongering at every turn.

And then, Omicron hit. It was far less deadly than both the original Covid strain, and Delta, and it was extremely transmissible. As a result, it swept across the U.S. like wildfire, completely obliterating every single mainstream narrative about the efficacy of masks, the ability for vaccines to prevent transmission, and the usefulness of lockdown measures.

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Thanks to Omicron’s presence, the world began planning an exit strategy from the era of Covid-19, just as it is now turning endemic. The virus is here to stay, and will soon ingratiate itself with bedfellows like the common flu, and cold. Humanity will build up a tolerance via natural immunity, with vaccines and boosters as needed on a per-case basis.

In short, it’s back to normal, folks!

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The Left’s sudden and overt pivot on Covid-19 is transparently political, just like every single pandemic-related maneuver they’ve made since the beginning. Those who attempt to either prolong, or bring back heavy-handed government mandates will suffer the wrath of the voters, which means everyone is now picking a side.

The Saturday Night Live skit with John Mulaney can be considered Exhibit A in this particular case. Covid-related government restrictions are no longer palatable to the American people, or the world at large, which means the tide has shifted, and it’s time for these same “lock them all down” zealots to try and pretend like they’re following the science.

Unfortunately, they are not. In fact, just several weeks ago, Covid-related deaths in the U.S. were the highest they’ve been in a year, specifically because Omicron was infecting so many people at once. The actual cases vs. death count was lower by ratio in comparison to previous variants, but that number should have fed conveniently into the Left’s continued push for government control.

So, why didn’t it? Why weren’t there calls to lock it all down, slap the masks back on, and harass everyone into getting the poke? 

Source: Global News, YouTube

Only a few weeks ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed one of the most heinous and terrifying acts of government tyranny and overreach ever glimpsed in a Western nation besides Australia, and he did so while numerous provinces in his country announced that they were done with Covid, and lifting all their restrictions.

Similarly, there are many on the radical Left side in America who are upset by the decision to open everything up, and get back to normal. Covid-19 has become a religion, and the mask has become the equivalent of the yarmulke. Now, these indoctrinated individuals are, for the first time in two years, facing the prospect of losing their religious identity.

This is neither hyperbole, exaggeration, or sheer ‘effing hubris. 

Source: WPLG Local 10, YouTube

This will cause a massive rift within the Leftist echo chamber, and it will have consequences. Those seeking to move on from Covid in order to avoid suffering a political kick to the groin will soon be squaring off against a sizeable voting block that has been conditioned by the Democratic Party, and the media, that viral doomsday is inevitable.

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However, it’s the John Mulaney and Saturday Night Live types who deserve the most scorn and vitriol for this sudden about-face. In fact, SNL appears to have pivoted in lock-step sequence with the Democratic Party on this issue, almost as if the whole thing was planned from the start. 

The key takeaway here is that it’s not going to work, because nobody buys it. In fact, the attempt by the Left to flip on a dime over Covid policies is already causing people to take notice. It turns out that gaslighting in the modern age has became a surefire way to irritate and anger a large swathe of voters. 

Source: Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, CTV News

Indeed, Joe Biden tried to take credit for overcoming Covid-19 during his SOTU address last night. A brutal CNN poll revealed that most voters weren’t buying what Biden was selling, primarily because they know full well that he has fumbled everything from rapid testing, to vaccine rollouts, while paving the way for Omicron to single-handedly save the day. 

Biden stressed that Americans need to come together as one people, and unify so that we can heal and move on from Covid. This, from a President, and an administration that has spent the last thirteen months sowing the seeds of disharmony and division at every conceivable turn, especially when it comes to Covid.

In fact, Joe Biden is inarguably guilty of the worst totalitarian government overreach in memory – his business-crushing, country-wide forced vaccine mandate, which sought to punish individual business owners with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines – per infraction – if they refused to force employees to get vaxxed.

Source: The BBC

Remember, Biden himself campaigned in 2020 with the promise that he would never force vaccines on Americans, and press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that it was not the Federal government’s business to push mandates

Both of them lied.

In fact, it was so horrendous that it ended up getting sent straight up the flag pole, all the way to the Supreme Court, where it was summarily shot down by a majority of Judges who still value the little things…like the U.S. Constitution.

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As Biden, the Democrats, and Leftist media figures on Saturday Night Live start pretending to be nice to everyone again, it’s important that we never, ever forget how horrible they behaved when they had the podium, and were shouting down at you. Don’t allow the plastic smiles to fool you into thinking they’ve changed their ways.

Remember, you weren’t just criticized – you were de-humanized. You were no longer a person, but rather a conspiracy theorist, a wacko, and yes, even a murderer. 

The Left encouraged their own to treat everyone that did not tow the official politically-backed narrative like garbage. They demonized and severed ties with their own family members, cut off their friends and neighbors, and deplatformed anyone who dared voice so much as an alternate study that didn’t back the elitist agenda.

Source: National Institutes of Health, YouTube

This didn’t just happen to the average citizen, either. While the CDC was busy taking its marching orders from Randi Weingarten and the American Federation of Teachers (a prominent Democrat campaign contributor) regarding school re-openings and masking mandates, Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins were hastily constructing defamatory hit pieces against scientifically backed movements like the Great Barrington Declaration.

It’s enough to make anyone fume, and it should. These same ultra-radical, anti-science bullies, and political pawns who screamed in your face over your own personal health decisions will now try to play nice and cozy up with you, while they simultaneously attempt to memory hole their unacceptable behavior over the last two years.

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Don’t fall for it, and don’t forgive these people, because they’re just as dishonest now as they were then. Neither the science, nor the data changed…only the poll numbers. This is an attempt to avoid the incoming blowback which has already doomed the Democratic Party in the upcoming November midterms, and will soon branch out against anyone who participated in this societal treachery. 

Source: Sky News Australia, YouTube

That being said, it’s important to reach across the aisle and build bridges with anyone who got swept up in the hyper-partisan politics of this situation. In times of great distress, humans tend to become tribal in an effort to shore up numbers, and feel more secure. Let’s not punish those who are genuinely sorry for having been fooled by the establishment Left, and turned into a weapon against everyday citizens.

Remember that the radicals attempted to paint everyone who did not subscribe to the official narrative as a “Right-wing white supremacist” or some-such nonsense, despite the fact that these people came from all walks of life, racial backgrounds, and political leanings. 

For those unsure how to spot a goalpost-shifting hypocrite moving forward, that’s easy – the Left have always had a laughably difficult time hiding their true colors, and it won’t be long before the cracks in their façade begin to show. When in doubt, trigger them with a spicy topic, and see how they react.

Source: Gina Carano Instagram

Yes, it’s those select few political bad actors that deserve to get called out, publicly shamed, and nailed to the proverbial wall over all of this. Covid-19 was used in an attempt by a hate-filled, radicalized voting base to gin up genuine hatred and discrimination, just as Gina Carano had warned us about in her not-so-controversial, yet ultimately vindicated tweet

In the process, they destroyed any semblance of harmony we still had left in America, along with all sense of unity. Their actions drove countless innocent people to suicide, weakened the physical and mental health of a nation, traumatized entire generations for decades yet to come, and caused irreparable and irreversible damage to our children. Never forget it.

Also, John Mulaney still isn’t funny. 

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