Sean Gordon Murphy Reveals The Main Character For His Upcoming ‘Zorro’ Comic Is A Lesbian, Says He’s “90% Aligned With Heather Antos”

Zorro: Man Of The Dead art by Sean Gordon Murphy (20230, Massive Publishing

Sean Gordon Murphy gave a cynical interview with Comics By Perch over the weekend where the two men gaslit comic fans as to the problems of the comic industry, downplaying the fact that Marvel and DC have been systematically and intentionally replacing their characters with woke diversity tropes for the last decade while revealing his upcoming Zorro comic’s main character is a lesbian.

Sean Gordon Murphy at BookCon 2019. Photo Credit: Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The interview to promote Murphy’s new Zorro Kickstarter lasted an hour and a half, most of which felt like Murphy interviewing Perch about the YouTuber’s ideas about what was wrong with the comic industry and how to fix said problems, including a rant about former Marvel Editor In Chief, Bob Harass, who along with then co-Publisher Dan DiDio, seemed to be the last stopgap before DC Comics pushed all of their characters in the direction of LGBTQ propaganda.

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At the fourteen-minute mark of the interview, Murphy and Perch begin to discuss wokeism in comics for a brief couple of minutes, condescending critics of woke culture in the process.

It includes claims that woke content “doesn’t matter” in the downfall of these companies and that the independent movements of creators and commentators “serve themselves” rather than address what they perceive as the real, systemic problems in comics.

Batman: Beyond The White Knight Vol. 1 #1 (2022), DC Comics. Art by Sean Gordon Murphy and Dave Stewart.

It sounded strange to hear them gloss over the problems of the comic industry until one looks at Sean Gordon Murphy’s track record of extreme-left appeasement in his career in order to keep himself in the good graces of the woke gatekeepers.

“I’m 90% aligned with Heather Antos and the others,” Murphy says later in the interview when discussing politics after opining that “One side accuses me of bending the knee to SJWs.”

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Unfortunately, Murphy very much has bent the knee, despite it coming back to bite him more often than not.

Murphy spent an exorbitant amount of time in 2019 and 2020 propping up embattled comic writer, Brian “Mags” Visaggio, posting to Twitter pictures with Visaggio and calling him his “BFF”. Visaggio later took to Twitter and accused Murphy of manipulating him including “lovebombing,” which was not made clear as to whether it meant Murphy had made advances toward Visaggio to have a homosexual relationship.

Brian Visaggio Twitter

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This created a wave of woke backlash of people trying to cancel Murphy because he had drawn a cover for Doug TenNapel’s Bigfoot Bill 2, including the controversial Stephanie Cooke demanding Murphy end his working relationship with others.

Murphy bent the knee to their demands asking TenNapel to remove his cover from sale on the IndieGoGo campaign and canceling TenNapel in a Twitter statement where he made it clear he opposed Christian values.

He began, “I recently did a cover for a creator. But it’s been brought to my attention that the creator has posted opinions that are anti LGBTQ. I’ve spoken with that creator, and the cover will now be pulled from the project.”

Sean Gordon Murphy Twitter

Murphy continued, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big supporter of the LGBTQ community. From the hard workers at my publisher, to my fellow creators, to the people in my own family. ”

Sean Gordon Murphy Twitter

Murphy concluded, “I’m sorry if I hurt or upset anyone-I’ve always wanted my work to be about inclusion and about people working together. It’s a major theme in my Batman work. But I can’t be connected to opinions that hurt the LGBTQ community that’s meant so much to my life and my upbringing.”

Sean Gordon Murphy Twitter

Like much of the woke comic industry, including Visaggio who is known for making anti-Christian rants, Murphy does little to stick up for anyone in the center or right, but virtue signals as hard as he can toward extreme identity politics causes.

Perch and Murphy mock people criticizing Brie Larson repeatedly over the course of the video while treading lightly when it comes to criticizing woke activists within the industry, making it clear they are not centrists as they claim but morally aligned with those who have tangibly tarnished the comic medium with the constant insertion of degeneracy into what used to be children’s books.

Zorro: Man Of The Dead art by Sean Gordon Murphy (20230, Massive Publishing

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According to the Kickstarter page, Zorro is replaced with a new future version of the character who is mentally ill and delusional, playing into nihilism and anti-heroism as concepts, very similar to what Marvel and DC do with their reimagined properties.

Murphy revealed to Perch saying, “For Zorro, the main character is actually a sister character who happens to be a lesbian.”

Whether Murphy’s book will be as woke as the mainstream industry, only time will tell, but his cynical attitude toward Christians and Conservatives continued in this interview is par for the course from what we’ve seen from the worst of the comic book industry.

Zorro: Man Of The Dead art by Sean Gordon Murphy (20230, Massive Publishing

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