Jamie Lee Curtis Criticizes Those Who Oppose Homosexuality And Transgenderism “In The Name of Religion”

Jamie Lee Curtis tells Forbes "I'm Having My Most Creative Life At 64" (2023)
Jamie Lee Curtis tells Forbes "I'm Having My Most Creative Life At 64" (2023)

On November 9, Jamie Lee Curtis criticized those who “in the name of religion” oppose homosexuality and transgenderism. In doing so, she reminded the nation just how much contempt Hollywood has for all that is good. The actress’s statement also served as a reminder that everyone gets to play by the same rules, including the rules regarding commenting about people’s faith.

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Jamie Lee Curtis with child laborers Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky in ‘My Girl’ (1991), Columbia Pictures

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Curtis was at one of the near-infinite self-congratulatory ceremonies that Tinseltown constantly holds. This one was apparently called the Out100 Gala and featured a slew of alphabet organizations handing out accolades to those who best advocated for their perverse values.

Among the luminaries reportedly present were Dylan Mulvaney, Andrew Scott, David Archuleta, Vincint, Kim Petras, Zooey Zephyr, and presumably many other famous people that a large percentage of Americans almost certainly would not recognize.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Curtis received The Advocate’s cleverly named Advocate of the Year award.

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Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis with child laborer Elijah Wood in ‘Forever Young’ (1992), Warner Bros.

“These are very dangerous times,” Curtis reportedly said – and yet she was not referring to the fact that the Democratic Party is throwing its political enemies in prison, flooding the country with millions of invaders, fully embracing communism, and otherwise destroying the nation. Instead, she was referring to something that is not even happening.

“I pray that the homophobia and transphobia that is being championed in the name of religion by the right is exposed and silenced as wrong by the love of humanity that is the center of our gay and out trans community,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted her as saying. The article also revealed that she has a son she treats as a daughter.

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Child laborer Anna Chlumsky with Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘My Girl 2’ (1994), Columbia Pictures

Curtis says “homophobia” and “transphobia” are being championed but is that really the case? Last I checked, people are well within their rights to oppose something they believe is wrong. Even as precious few people bother doing so any longer. On top of that, can those in the “gay and trans community” really call themselves “victims” in today’s world? Based on media and social trends, they seem to exert out-sized influence and control over every institution in America.

Nevertheless, Curtis’s reported remarks were one of the latest reminders of what the entertainment industry truly believes; what it adores and what it despises. And there was no doubt as to which faith—to which people—Curtis was referring with her remarks. No surprises, of course. In fact, it was gracious of her to show that the ruling class believes it’s perfectly legitimate to have contempt for people because of their faith. And that means everyone else can too—because everyone gets to play by the same rules.

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in ‘Freaky Friday’ (2003), Buena Vista Pictures

Hollywood is a thoroughly corrupt institution. And it will only become worse. There is no use in debating or trying to find common ground with it. And there is no use in becoming pointlessly outraged when people say things like Curtis said.

There is, however, use in noting who Curtis and the rest of Hollywood are. And there is use in refusing to support them, and choosing instead to support that which is right and good.

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