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Mantra and the logo, from Malibu Comics
February 23, 2023
We reminisce about ‘Mantra,’ a politically incorrect comic book from Malibu Comics that debuted in the 1990s, and would never get greenlit today.
January 20, 2023
Science fiction got a burst of creativity during the 1990s, culminating in a string of iconic classics that every fan deserves to watch.
Split image of Venom, Spider-Man and Daredevil from 'Spider-Man: The Animated Series' (1994), Marvel Entertainment Group
November 22, 2022
The 1990s Spider-Man cartoon faithfully adapted some of Marvel’s coolest characters, while tweaking their origin stories and introductions.
Split image of Friday, Groundhog Day and Dumb & Dumber
October 17, 2022
The 90’s were filled with many great comedy films such as Happy Gilmore, Friday, Dogma, and Dumb and Dumber.