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Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) speaks with Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) in The Batman (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures / Dracula appears in Marvel Fanfare Vol. 1 #45 (1989), Marvel Comics
April 28, 2023
A new whisper suggests Robert Pattinson may be stepping out of his Batsuit to return to the world of vampires with Chloé Zhao’s ‘Dracula’.
January 5, 2022
Eternals director Chloe Zhao recently detailed that her original ending for the Marvel Cinematic Universe film had a “bleak” ending that she compares to The Twilight Zone.
December 23, 2021
Hollywood and China’s business relationship has become stagnant amidst the communist country’s growing entertainment industry.
November 16, 2021
Marvel’s Eternals is an ugly looking film featuring relatively light action and a cast that is collaboratively horrendous.
November 2, 2021
Eternals director Chloe Zhao recently explained why a sex scene between Richard Madden’s Ikaris and Gemma Chan’s Sersi is included in the film.
October 22, 2021
Eternals director Chloe Zhao recently discussed the inclusion of gay Phastos and his family and noted there is actually no reason to include him and his family in the film if the audience doesn’t feel it.
April 29, 2021
News of Chloé Zhao’s Oscar win for Nomadland has been censored in her home country of China over almost-a-decade-ago criticism of the CCP.
One Punch Man
October 19, 2020
A new rumor claims that the upcoming One-Punch Man live-action adaptation will star Snake Eyes actor Henry Golding.
March 2, 2019
Marvel Studios is reportedly seeking a gay actor for the lead role in their upcoming film, The Eternals.
February 25, 2019
Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige provided a major update on the upcoming Eternals movie where he teased the film would be “an immense, amazing epic…that spans tens of thousands of years.”