The word from San Diego Comic-Con is Warner Bros. is very happy with James Gunn and his plans for The Suicide Squad. Moreover, the two parties’ working relationship will continue and grow once the director’s schedule is free after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

A source close to Cosmic Book News said “Gunn is a huge DC fan, even more so than Marvel,” that he “has lots of ideas about what to do with the DC characters,” and has some wild plans with DC after Guardians 3.

Despite making his name with Marvel characters, Gunn’s preference for DC is no surprise. Not long ago, he admitted to owning the entire John Ostrander Suicide Squad run and his last big theatrical release, Brightburn, was an inversion of the premise behind Superman.

James Gunn signed on to do a DC movie after he was briefly let go from Marvel by Disney last summer. The work started with writing the new Suicide Squad but the feeling was he would direct as well, which he is. His friend, actor Michael Rooker, was one of the first to say publicly Gunn would pull double duty.

Soon after he joined up with Warner Bro. for The Suicide Squad, Gunn was rehired to finish his trilogy at Marvel and Kevin Feige revealed they weren’t looking for a replacement. If all goes well, he could end up working for both sides.

Villain Movie

By most accounts (especially that of producer Peter Safran), The Suicide Squad will be more of a soft reboot than a sequel, in spite of the cast largely being the same. Furthermore, it’s clearly a movie about villains but Cosmic Book News added to its initial report about Gunn and DC that the story will be told from the perspective of the central villain.

Author Matt McGloin didn’t get specifics or the identity of the film’s intended antagonist though he likened him and the narrative to Thanos’ quest in Infinity War. A leaked sample┬áscene made the rounds hinting the villain will be a figure known as The General. In it, he sounds like he is scouting a prison that contains a beast he wants control of as a weapon against his enemies. Like Thanos, what The General is doing could be the right thing in his mind.

The identity of the beast is also a secret. However, character breakdowns describe it as a “muscular female alien.” Rumored early drafts pegged Supergirl as the match for the description, but another character is more likely. King Shark is announced for the film and could fill the role of a savage, destructive weapon. He is one, after all. Sketches posted to Instagram by Gunn bear a resemblance to King Shark, insinuating Gunn has major plans for the big guy.

Full details are not widely known but some insiders, such as writer/director Kevin Smith, reportedly found out some of Gunn’s ideas and they are excited. Smith and McGloin both think the movie will be an awesome fan pleaser.

We all will find out in 2021 but The Suicide Squad begins filming this September in Georgia.

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