It took two years but DC’s Doomsday Clock saga draws to a close with issue 12 by Geoff Johns who threw whatever he could into the issue.

Johns sows the seeds for 5G and how we’re fairly sure it will shape the DC “Metaverse” going forward. He didn’t stop there and implanted Easter-Egg references to Marvel.

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The timeline in the book codifies canon by introducing more alternate worlds and universes. Previous relaunches receive their own Earths. The New 52 continuity exists aptly on Earth-52, Earth-1 is now christened Earth-1985 (an “unexplored” world), and Earth-2 is still out there as well.

Dr. Manhattan narrates and gives glimpses throughout the issue of the various Earths, timelines, and how Superman fits into all of it. Starting in 2020, his timeline is imperiled by a bombardment of “reckless energies” of cosmic proportions. This sets off a “Crisis unlike any the Metaverse has seen” five years later.

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Doomsday Clock

Here is the breakdown of events:

“In the year 2020, Superman’s timeline is bombarded by the reckless energies of the old gods, once again warping the Metaverse.

It’s July 2nd, 2025: A Crisis unlike any the Metaverse has seen, one they will call ‘Time Masters,’ erupts…

But in its wake, Superman is revitalized. And his greatest allies return.”

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The chronology continues with canonical justification for 5G:

It is January 2020, the timeline is restored…

And Earth-5G is born

It is June 17, 2026. Superman goes on a quest to find Bruce Wayne’s lost daughter… So she can save Bruce’s son.”

5G is the excuse for replacing DC’s old lineup of heroes with new ones. We are reportedly getting a new Batman sometime in the coming year, for example, possibly a person of color.

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At this point comes the references to Marvel characters – Thor and The Hulk who is, interestingly, called stronger than Doomsday (which is saying something). They clash to the death in “a brawl across the universe” named “Secret Crisis.”

The issue reads:

“On July 10th, 2030, the ‘Secret Crisis’ begins, throwing Superman into a brawl across the universe with Thor himself… And a Green Behemoth stronger than even Doomsday, who dies protecting Superman from these invaders.

In its wake, Superman’s timeline shifts forward again…”

Johns could just be having fun, but since he places Secret Crisis ten years hence, the execs at Marvel and DC – with the blessing of their parent companies, AT&T and Disney, no doubt – have time to plan their DC vs. Marvel redux.

Based on the title, Johns sounds as if he is pitching the two sides on a story more like Secret Wars except for Dr. Manhattan. He’d probably fill the shoes of The Beyonder unless Beyonder returns. One has to wonder.

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Now in no way is it guaranteed that all of the above teases come to fruition. Albeit Johns wrote the issue and gives them the template, he doesn’t have the last say at DC. The Crisis event, which Dan DiDio hinted at earlier this year, is the most likely thing to occur for the sake of 5G.

Doomsday Clock #12 is available now in print and digital.

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