Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk writer continues to flood Twitter with her idiotic ideas and opinions that involve hating men.

Her latest tweet depicts men in straight relationships as Oscar the Grouch living in his iconic trashcan.

Schwartz simply wrote, “Every straight relationship.” She then retweeted a photo shared by Entertainment Weekly writer Marc Snetiker of Oscar the Grouch and Nicole Kidman.

As of writing, the tweet has been retweeted over 18,000 times and has been liked by over 164,000 people.

Now, some people may think this is a joke, but Schwartz’s past tweets regarding her hatred of men provide context that it’s more than likely not a joke, and she truly thinks men are like Oscar the Grouch with the comparison being they are garbage.

Dana Schwartz’s History Of Hating Men

Just recently she attempted to blame men for questioning her credentials that landed her a role as a She-Hulk writer. She claimed it was sexist to even question her about those credentials, while also claiming her employers also have the right to question her.

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She has specifically taken issue with white men claiming they were gatekeepers of literature and “important books.” She’s even called for banning of books written by white men.

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Schwartz has also claimed that “we need to kill the Western Canon” and claims that it is “racist and patriarchal.”

She would also double down and claim that all books written by white men should be banned for 20 years from high schools.

Talking about the upcoming Top Gun sequel, she whined about how unfair society is in regards to men and women.

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She’s also called for white men to banned from teaching literature until 15 women have won the Nobel Prize.

Schwartz has attempted to deflect her hatred of men by calling her takes “jokes.”

Again, she’s called for all me to be banned from writing.

She also claims that “insecure, needy men who think women belong to them” are the “real villain of the internet.”

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She’s also expressed the idea that “women have to flay themselves open and bare all of their trauma and vulnerability in public just so we can beg men to care the slightest bit.”

As for who she thinks are the worst type of men, she explains, “Some of the worst men I’ve encountered are nerds who didn’t get girls when they were younger, then became successful and now see them as commodities they’re entitled to.”

Maybe her most interesting tweet is her personal confession that she has “low self-esteem and bad taste in men.”

Anyways I think you get the gist of Schwartz’s outright hatred of men, despite her claiming it’s all a joke. It’s quite clear, a lot of her statements are not jokes despite what she claims. And even if you do believe her that it’s all just jokes, there appears to be an underlying truth to the jokes as she repeatedly uses the same “material” over and over and over and over again.

It tells you something about the people and the company who hired Schwartz to write for She-Hulk, doesn’t it?