Michael Shannon is best remembered these days – though he’s done other things and can boast several visceral performances – for playing General Zod in Man of Steel, a role he reflects fondly on.

In an interview with JOBlo promoting his new film, The Quarry (co-starring Shea Whigham), Shannon talked about how much he liked working with Zack Snyder.

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He also commented on Snyder’s cycle of DC movies – even though Shannon was most prominent in MOS and only in Batman v Superman “for like fifteen seconds…as a giant, naked, rubber dummy, which I didn’t have anything to do with really.”


Shannon said he thinks MOS “was incredible” and he doesn’t know what went down between Snyder and DC/Warner Bros. but “it’s a shame” things fell apart:

“Yeah, you know, I love working with Zack Snyder and I think it’s very sad-he’s been through a lot of hardship recently-I don’t know what happened with that whole DC thing. I think it’s a shame. I mean, his vision for ‘Man of Steel’ I thought was incredible. I don’t know how that all went off the rails, but I think it’s a shame.”

It’s not entirely clear but, from what we’ve covered, it can be surmised there was a combination of cold feet after Batman v Superman didn’t do as well as they were hoping and interference led by Geoff Johns.

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Johns, according to a recent rumor from Grace Randolph, was the man responsible for bringing in Joss Whedon behind Snyder’s back to finish Justice League. Furthermore, it’s claimed Johns was not well-liked behind the scenes.

Snyder has been teasing his plans that could’ve been – a five-film arc for Superman, Darkseid, sequels – and exposing the copious amount of stuff left out of what was completed without his involvement.

He disavowed the existence of the theatrically-released Justice League during a Vero watch-along of BVS and insinuated his cut would be a pretty good sequel:

“You know what, I think they should someday make a sequel to this movie some day. That would be amazing. That would really be something else. Yeah. Want to know what happens to these guys. I mean… don’t they eventually… I don’t know…  Form some…”

Despite conflicting reports, the Snyder Cut could see completion and wind up on HBO Max after that launches in a month. Online speculation indicates that’s why Warner lets Snyder carry on with his Vero sharing spree and stoking the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign; to promote the release.

The Quarry, Michael Shannon’s thriller about a preacher not who he claims to be, is available on VOD right now.