Arrow is over and done with, but the future of John Diggle in the Arrowverse remains to be seen and Diggle actor David Ramsey has people talking.

He posted a look behind the scenes of Arrow’s finale to Instagram. Ramsey posed for a photo holding a box with a bright green light inside.


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The photo captioned “ power..” can be checked out below.

Just as spoilers leaked days before the episode aired predicted, a box fell out of the sky and landed before Diggle at the end. Inside was some object with a distinct emerald glow. The implication, of course, is he becomes the Green Lantern of Earth, Sector 2814.

Ramsey writing “ power..” leads many to believe something is brewing for his character in the brightest day and blackest night. There is rumor of a Green Lantern series starring Ramsey pitched to The CW and possibly in development.

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This and his inheritance of a power ring have been foreshadowed frequently on Arrow. Diggle’s real surname turned out to be Stewart and John Wesley Shipp’s Flash indirectly revealed in Elseworlds his double on Earth-90 is a Lantern.

Not much has been reported about a CW Green Lantern series since last summer but we are sure about a series coming to HBO Max, produced by Greg Berlanti. He may allegedly want a diverse cast of human Lanterns that includes John Stewart.

However, the show is strongly reported as its own thing independent of anything Arrowverse-related which could mean a wholly different cast.

American Gods actor Ricky Whittle and Spawn’s Michael Jai White have expressed interest in playing Stewart at different times but neither is confirmed for the new series.

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Ramsey confirmed he’s spoken to Berlanti about HBO Max’s GL but, while more could meet the eye, he sounds like he anticipates the show from a fan’s point of view:

“I’ve talked to Greg [Berlanti] about it, and they have a great plan. It sounds fantastic. People are [chomping] at the bit to see this universe, to see this military corp come to live-action, and I’m among the people who are so excited.”

Ramsey’s future as Diggle or a Lantern might play out on Superman & Lois which is rumored to figure into a Blackest Night CW crossover.

Diggle was teased as headed for Metropolis and fighting Black Lanterns alongside Superman would be the perfect time to put on the ring.

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