Action Figures Reveal New Ultra Kaiju in Ultraman Z and New Monster Hunter: World Kaiju — Plus New Godzilla Collectibles

Several brand-new kaiju action figures, including a look at a new Ultra Kaiju appearing in Ultraman Z, were unveiled by a few different toy companies. Godzilla-Movies yet again demystified the menagerie of new figures and characters.

Starting with the new Ultra Kaiju, it is known as “Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg” and, as you can imagine, it has characteristics of a wide variety of sharks – from horn sharks to carpenters and some Great White for good measure.

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But in the end, Genegarg resembles another titanic dinosaur. See for yourself:



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Bandai has a four-figure set coming, HG D+ Wave 04, and revealed the first two in the line. They are Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla from the 1994 Heisei generation film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.



The other two figures in Wave 04 aren’t yet revealed.

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Art Spirits got in on the act and released high-quality images of their Gekizo wave of figures based on Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Featuring Mothra and the G-Man himself, the wave comes out around October in time for Godzilla vs. Kong (out Nov. 20).

Each figure will set you back $15 with additional shipping.

You might remember Playmates debuted the banner for its Godzilla vs. Kong toyline. While repetitive, it’s the most recent update on their action figures and possibly the only one we are getting for a while.


Playmates turned to shyness after leaked designs of their figures spoiled some of the film’s plot, potentially.

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Not to be outdone, S.H.MonsterArts came forth with images of their Monster Hunter Nargacuga figure releasing in September.


Back Garacuga

The Camazotz-like Nargacuga, a large monster in the RPG Monster Hunter World categorized as a “flying wyvern,” was added last year as part of the game’s Iceborne Expansion.

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Last but not least, we have a selection from the RIC exclusive version of the X-Plus Large Monster Series, which also includes a Gamera.


The above Iris figure is a variant with a light-up feature.

Tell us what you think of all the new stuff below.

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