Disney and Lucasfilm continue their work to erode the original trilogy that they began with The Force Awakens.

As first reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Star Wars and Lucasfilm released a new animated Star Wars Kids short that reinvents the Battle of Hoth first shown in The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Kids released the first of four parts that retells the Battle of Hoth.

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The short begins with a voice over, “The Empire Strikes Back, as Darth Vader leads an attack against Leia’s Rebels on Hoth.”

The first scene sees a Rebel soldier then tell Leia, “General, there’s a fleet of Star Destroyers coming out of hyperspace in sector four.”

Leia responds, “It’s risky but, we can’t hold out much longer.”

From the very beginning the short is altering what actually happened in The Empire Strikes Back.

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What actually happened is that a Rebel soldier informs General Rieekan of the Imperial fleet emerging out of hyperspace.

As you can see in the clip below, the soldier tells Rieekan, “General, there is a fleet of Star Destroyers coming out of hyperspace in Sector 4.”

Rieekan responds, “Reroute all power to the energy shield. Gotta hold them until all transports are away. Prepare for ground assault.”

Not only does the short remove Rieekan completely, but it also refers to Leia as General. She did not use that title in The Empire Strikes Back. She was referred to as Princess. In fact, she didn’t take on the title of General until she formed the Resistance in Disney’s sequel trilogy.

This isn’t the only thing the short changes. The battle sequences are out of order as well. In the short, it shows Vader and his Stormtroopers firing upon the Millennium Falcon first before Han activates the ship’s gun.

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In Empire Strikes Back, he actually activates the Millennium Falcon’s weaponry first. In fact, he takes out the Imperial soldiers before they can set up their heavy weaponry.

The short also shows Han Solo jerking Princess Leia in an attempt to get her to come with him to the Millennium Falcon. As you can see in the short, above. Solo says “Come on.” He then jerks her arm with his right hand. After the first jerk he then begins walking her away as she resists and tries to give the orders to evacuate.

This is not how it happened in the actual film.

In Empire Strikes Back, Solo touches Leia on the arm and tells her, “Come on. That’s it.” Leia then gives the order to evacuate.

Solo then gives her a slight tug. Leia then tells those giving the order, to evacuate to their transports. Han then puts both hands on her arms and moves her in the direction of the Millennium Falcon, but she doesn’t try and escape him.

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This new Forces of Adventure comes after the Alphabet Squadron had Resistance pilot Chass na Chadic claim that Luke Skywalker’s heroics in the Battle of Yavin are essentially meaningless and that the Rebellion’s true hero was Jyn Erso.

It also follows the Star Wars: The High Republic reveal that one of the publication initiative’s main characters, Avar Kriss is the “brightest, most noble example of Jedi-Hood.” A character that is supposedly in their prime 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, when Yoda would still be alive.

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This rewriting of the Battle of Hoth also follows Disney’s Season 7 of The Clone Wars’ Bad Batch episodes. In the first episode of the season,  Disney and Lucasfilm removed The Bad Batch’s ship’s nose art featuring Senator Amidala.

In a subsequent episode they would remove an execution scene featuring the Decimator.

They would then have videos showing the original episodes removed from YouTube.

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It looks like Disney, Lucasfilm, and Star Wars are actively working to change the events from the original trilogy, and are making those changes in order to downplay or outright erase the series’ male characters.

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