Batman: White Knight Creator Sean Gordon Murphy Dragged On Twitter For Calling For End To Looting

DC Comics and Batman: White Knight creator Sean Gordon Murphy is being dragged on Twitter after calling for an end to looting after nearly a week of rioting in multiple cities across the United States following the death of George Floyd.

Murphy posted to Twitter, “I want equality. I want more good cops. And I want bad cops to be held accountable when they break the law.”

He added, “I want people to be allowed to protest peacefully.”

Murphy then concluded writing, “And I want the looting to end. The solution to these problems isn’t MORE CRIME.”

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In response to this statement Murphy was dragged on Twitter.

Former Telltale Games cinematic artist Jane Kim responded to Murphy’s statement writing, “This is has got to be the least punk shit ever said, cmon.”

She added, “A man got murdered by cops after decades of unwarranted imprisonment and murders of black community by police and gov’t.”

“But looting and vandalism is what you’re worried about? Please reflect on your words,” she concluded.

GOTH comic book artist Seth Adams replied, “I think you meant to type Black Lives Matter. I get it, confusing times.”

He would also encourage backers of Murphy’s IndieGoGo campaign for The Plot Holes to seek refunds.

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Game designer Chris Kindred described Murphy’s statement as a “high school level take there man.”

Magic The Gathering artist Ryan Pancoast simply wrote, “Bad take.”

Comic writer JP Jordan called Murphy a coward. He then wrote, “People goddamn being murdered by cops, people taking to the streets to try and fight for a world where they can leave their house without worrying about whether or not they’ll make it home alive that night and you wanna go BUT THE LOOTING THOUGH.”

Former Marvel Editorial Intern Hernan Guarderas wrote, “Bro, you don’t understand what’s happening. Police are instigating violence and setting up peaceful protestors to fail.”

He added, “Tell the cops not to show up armed + with riot gear. Their very presence is about escalation, not de-escalation. Reflect on what’s happening and your thoughts.”

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Bleeding Cool writer Hannibal Tabu wrote, “If I could catalog all the things you don’t understand by making this flawed, uninformed statement, I could make a print out to fill the graves of all the people your empty sentiments don’t help.”

He then added, “Shut. Up.”

Dark Horse Comics’ LaGuardia artist Tana Ford wrote, “Way to absolutely miss the point. What a waste.”

Marvel Comics writer Zac Thompson, who worked on Yondu, Web of Venom: The Good Son, and The Punisher 2099, wrote, “How about supporting Black Lives Matter? It seems to be a pretty big hole in your statement.”

Newsarama writer Pierce Lydon wrote, “There are no good cops, Sean.”

Image Comics’ former Director of Marketing and the creator of Monument Mark Haven Britt declared, “I no longer buy your books. Delete your account and rethink your life.”

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Author K. Thor Jensen would write, “More cops doesn’t work, Sean. Police is absolutely a failed concept.”

Not everyone was critical of Murphy. There were a number of supporters as well.

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Following Murphy’s original Tweet he announced that he would be auctioning off an original page from Batman: White Knight #2 with “all proceeds going to Black Lives Matter charities.”

The riots and looting in the wake of George Floyd have resulted in at least a dozens people being killed. The Associated Press has compiled a list that includes retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, Lousiville restaurant owner David McAtee, Dave Patrick Underwood of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service, former Indiana University offensive lineman Chris Beaty, Davenport, Iowa resident Italia Kelly, Calvin L. Horton Jr. in Minneapolis, James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as a number of individuals whose names have been unreleased in Detroit, Chicago, and Davenport.

What do you make of Murphy’s statement and the subsequent responses he received?

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