New Rumor Details Marvel Studios Has Big Plan For Hercules!

A brand new rumor indicates that Marvel Studios has big plans for Hercules as they move forward with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The rumor comes from Mikey Sutton via Warren at The Cosmic Wonder YouTube Channel.

As Warren notes there has been quite a bit of chatter surrounding Hercules and his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Back in June, The Cinema Spot’s Vicky Depledge speculated that Hercules could arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as early as The Eternals, Loki or even She-Hulk.

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Depledge explained why he might show up in The Eternals, “Eternals is already rumored to include the Savage Lands, and the Eternals have some superficial ties to the gods of Olympus.”

She then detailed why he might show up in Loki, “Loki is set to explore the reaches of the multiverse, taking place in the Temporal Limbo and featuring an Angel like Sera, so introducing the Olympians wouldn’t be out of the question.”

As for She-Hulk, Depledge wrote, “While it remains unknown if Amadeus Cho will be in She-Hulk, the possibility remains for him and Hercules to appear.”

Before that rumor in June, Sutton had scooped that Hercules might show up in a Thor spin-off series based off Marvel Comics’ Journey Into Mystery series in December 2019.

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He detailed at the time, “They are discussing on having Beta Ray Bill and Hercules (who was introduced in Journey Into Mystery Annual No. 1 in 1965) be the focus of certain story arcs. The tales will take place in past and present.”

Now, Sutton has a new scoop involving Hercules that Marvel Studios’ plans involving Hercules has evolved.

Sutton tells The Cosmic Wonder, “Hercules was being discussed for Disney+, perhaps part of a Journey Into Mystery show. As usual, plans evolve and now talks are veering towards his own Disney+ TV series, one that is again rooted in the history of Marvel Comics.”

Sutton then details that Marvel Studios is looking at Bob Layton’s 1982 Hercules run.

He told The Cosmic Wonder, “The 1982 Hercules mini-series written and illustrated by Bob Layton reads like a blueprint of the MCU. The fast-paced mix of humor and adventure, enveloped in a cosmic wrapping of vintage Star Wars-like good times, was so ahead of its time, echoing the MCU work of James Gunn and Taika Waititi decades later.”

Sutton elaborated, “So it’s no surprise that Marvel Studios is looking at incorporating elements of this book for its potential Hercules show.”

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However, Sutton does indicate that it might not be a direct adaptation and they might just be drawing inspiration from it, “Whether it will be adapted or not remains to be seen. In the original comic, Hercules hilariously gets Galactus drunk, who was finally shown minus his helmet. minus his helmet.”

Sutton added, “Such goofball irreverence is straight out of the Gunn/Waititi playbook but it’ll be up to Marvel Studios and the future showrunner to see how far it will go.”

Tim Vo the host of the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel would also indicate that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is interested in Bob Layton’s 1982 and 1984 Hercules runs.

Vo states, “I’m hearing Feige is a big fan of the Bob Layton run of the Hercules: Prince of Power and they want to adapt this for Disney Plus.”

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He goes on to detail that Marvel Studios is doing research into a number of characters that show up in Layton’s miniseries including Recorder 417 and Skyppi the Skrull.

They go on to detail that Artume, who first appeared in Incredible Hercules #121, is also on the research list.

Artume was originally a stone sculpture created by the Amazon Queen Hippolyta and then brought to life via a reversal of Gorgon’s curse. She was supposed to user in a new age of peace, but that dream would eventually die as Artume would plot to take over the world after Olympus crumbled and fell.

Later in the stream, Vo claims that Marvel Studios is looking at spinning off Gilgamesh played by Don Lee from The Eternals film into this rumored Hercules Disney Plus series.

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Vo explains, “He’s also in The Eternals movie. He’s played by the Korean actor. This looks to be a second spec that they are going to take this Gilgamesh that is probably the same actor from The Eternals and spin him off into the Hercules show because he runs into Hercules in the comic books.”

He adds, “So, there is the connection there. Not necessarily a connection with Thor, but using our powers of deduction it looks like they are going to use Gilgamesh on the Disney Plus Hercules show.”


They would then indicate that Darkstar as well as the Blood Brothers might also have connections to this rumored Hercules show.

Darkstar or Laynia Petrovna, a Russian mutant, was originally part of a Soviet Union super team tasked with capturing Black Widow. She would eventually switch sides and join Black Widow’s Champions team.

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She would go on to pursue a romantic relationship with Iceman and working as part of The Champions before returning to Russia and joining the Soviet Super-Soldiers. After the Soviet Super-Soldiers defected and were subsequently returned and then beaten into a coma by the Supreme Soviets, Darkstar would be recruited into the Winter Guard.

After her eventual death, the Russian government used a gem that reproduced her powers and was imbued with part of her essence to bestow select agents with the powers of the Darkstar.

As for the Blood Brothers, they are two Roclites named Gh’Ree and R’Hos Blood. They had previously served Thanos and were members of his Butcher Squadron. In fact, they would be the protectors of Thanos’ first base on Earth.

The two would attempt to defeat both Iron Man and The Thing in an attempt to stop them from interfering with Thanos’ plan, but would eventually be defeated. After their defeat Thanos would teleport them away.

The two would eventually play the role of minor villains reappearing to do battle against Iron Man and Daredevil in service to the Controller. They would continue this minor role facing off against Rogue of the X-Men and Quasar as well as the Avengers.

Interestingly enough at one point they would actually ally with Earth’s superheroes to battle against Ego the Living Planet.

What do you make of this latest rumor in regards to Hercules?

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